Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 17, 2017 - I am not the bad guy!

Hey everyone how are you all doing!? In the moment right now I am sitting next to Elder Spencer who is a little mad because he wants to go and fish for P Day but I will not give him permission, whoops sorry dude!  Overall I am doing great and I am loving the mission and all of the crazy things that are going on and all of the crazy people we are meeting.
So the people. Ok so since last week my companion and I have been crazy. We have had divisiones with a few companionships in our zone, we had interviews with President last Thursday and we had our regular meetings with the missionaries and the stake presidency this last week, so it was crazy. We were not able to be out and about together in the sector as much as we wanted to, but we were still able to see some great progress and miracles in the work. Since last week we have started to teach a less active lady that is in our ward. She wants her sun to get baptized, and we have been going by and teachinghim, his name is Nico and he is a stud. He is really excited for his baptismal date in  February! Mateo is also progressing really well as well. We went by and taught him on Saturday and he really wants to make changes to be able to come closer to Jesus Christ, and he is very excited to be able to learn more about Christ and His Atonement. Overall the progress in our sector is legendary and we are super excited to be working!
Ok so story of the week goes to Nico, the little guy that we are now teaching. So some background. My companion has a hurt arm, he did something with his muscles that messed it up, so he has to walk around with a sling. We go to teach Nico on Monday and he sees my comp with said sling. Nico looks and me and asks what happened. I said I hit my companion, as a JOKE! Nico got out of his seat and walked over with his fist raised and anger on his face, the kid was going to hit me!!!! But we talked him out of it right before he gave me his right hook. Lesson learned; do not joke with little kids.
I love the mission and I love you guys! I am so blessed for the opporotunity to serve and to keep helping the Lord progress in His work! 

Elder Tilghman

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