Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018 - Surprise!

Hello everyone how are you doing? This week has been hectic so I am going to let you know some of the details about what has happened in the last week.
But of course, we have to start with the people. So I do not know if you guys remember, but about a year ago when I was with Elder Gowers, we contacted a haitian named Nevelt and we taught him for 5 months, and then I left the sector so I do not know what happened with him. But, the other day I got a phone call and another missionary told me that they had refound Nevelt in a different sector and that he was getting baptized! Nevelt remembered me and invited me to his baptism, so I got permission and we went, becasue as well my comapnion ahora, Elder Gavilanez, taught Nevelt a couple months ago! So we show up at the homies baptism and he saw me and ran over and gave me a giant hug, I LOVE THAT GUY! After a year of hearing the missionaries, Nevelt finally entered the waters of baptism, miracles do exist.
And ......... this Saturday Camila is getting baptized! She is the daughter of Freddy and Jhubytza, and she is super ready to get baptized, we have everything all planned out, and she is so excited, so there will definitely be another good story coming next week! As well we are preparing for several other baptisms in the upcoming weeks, so our lives have become a little more crazy than normal, but it is a good crazy!
Yesterday we had a visit from Elder Christofferson from the Cuorum of the 12. We were all waiting for him to come, and we did not even hear or see him enter the building, but all of the sudden the atmosphere changed and the Spirit became almost tangible, it was awesome. He talked about the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine of Christ, it gives me such comfort to know we have authorized servants fo God on the earth today. 
Ok so lets talk about the week. So last Saturday my companion and I changed houses! There were some missionaries that were struggling in the zone, so we talked with President, and we moved in with them for this week, so that as well has made our lives crazy, becuase our new house is like 500 miles away from our sector, ahahhahah ok not really but it is freaking lejos. As well in the last 6 days we have been on 5 divisiones with different missionaries, I am so glad to be back with my normal companion after all of this time, I missed the little guy. 
Of course, I always say it, but I love the mission, I know that this church is true. When Lehi talked of the delicious fruit that he tried in his dream, it was the fruit and the joy of the Gospel, nothing else blesses us the way that Cristo and teh gospel do. Love yall!

Elder Tilghman 

Mosiah 26:30