Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18, 2018 - Drunk Dog

Hello everyone this week has been a great week, we just played paintball with another zone today for PDay and it was awesome. I am sweaty, my hair is green with paint and our stomachs are full wih the burgers that we just ate, life could not get much better!
Ok so there is some spiritual stuff this week in the email, so i think I will write all of the funny stuff first, that way I do not kill the spirit too hard. So on Saturday me and the homie Elder Tanner were outside of an apartment waiting for a lady to open teh door for an appointment that we had with her. As we were waiting, there was a dog that was trying to escape from the house next door, so he wedged himself through the gate and almost got out, but then he couldnt move so he was just stuck hanging there like 2 feet off the ground. He started to bark and wiggle, and then his owners showed up to the house. they got super mad at the dog and yelled at it and said "Stop trying to leave, you are drunk!!!!" Once again, alcohol and drugs are bad for everyone kids. The other day we were in the street and our bishop drove by us, rolled down his window and in perfect English yelled, "Hey my homedogs, get in my car!" Atta boy bishop!
This past week was really awesome as well for us personally and for the zone Las Araucarias. Carmen was baptized on Sunday! It was an awesome baptismal service, the spirit was relaly strong, and she will get confirmed a member of the church this Sunday in Church, I am super excited for her and for her family! As well last week we met a new famiy as we were searching for their mom. Their mom is a less active member who has not been to church in 20 years, so we stopped by to visit her, and we went inside to teach her family as well. She has two sons named Sebastian and Mauricio, and they are super dope! they love the message that we share and are super ready to change and come closer to Christ, and as well they both have dope motocicletas, all in al, they are dope. And yesterday we had Zone Conference and my companion and I gave a training about asking good questions, and as part of our training we showed a video from Napolean Dynamite and a bad question he makes. Life goal completed: Show a dumb movie clip in a spiritual meeting.
Love the mission, everything is going great, hope you are algood, we will see you next week!

Elder Tilghman

Alma 5: 26-27