Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 22, 2017 - Gang Gang

Ok so this last week was pretty awesome. Elder Lindow and I have been working our ties off and our ward is doing great. We have a ton of progressing investigators, some baptismal dates, and as well the number of people who come to church keeps going up woohooo. I am grateful in this Thanksgiving season for the opportunity to serve the Lord and the people here in Chile, I know the Lord helps and guides in His work that we perform.
Ok so the investigators. So on Friday we went to go play soccer at our chapel with the other ward and Elders that we share the building with. On our way we went and talked to all of the kids that we could who were out and about playing soccer and invited them to go with us. Two kids, Hector and Fernando, said they would meet up with us at the church. We were a little bummed no one came with us, but towards the end, Hector and Fernando showed up and played with us, and then invited us to their houses the next day to teach them. On Saturday we went to Hectors house in the morning and started to teach him about Christ. He stopped us and told us that he knows our messge is true. He had been praying to God for many weeks to get help with strengthing his faith, and afterwards he felt prompted to go outside to go play soccer. And then we showed up. Boom baby, miracles happen just got to go and get them! So Elder Lindow and I were pretty happy and then we went to Fernandos house later that afternoon and we show up and he starts asking us questions about the church and Christ. We teach him and he says he has read the Book of Mormon a little before and then told us he knows we are people sent from God to teach HIs Gospel. BAM, two miracles within a four hour period, and on top of that we had hamburgers for lunch that day, so BOOM, three miracles in only four hours! We are also teaching the homies (The Haitians) and they told us we need to teach them english and spansih because they want to get good jobs and be able to understand people at church. This was also a miralce, but it was yesterday, so our lucky 4 hour miracle window did not cover it. Actually we have had a ton of miracles this week, no one in the ward got mad at anyone else, we only got threatened one time this last week, and the dogs did not bite us but the other people!
Ok so funny story of the week. Bueno, not so much funny as a little dangerous, but do not worry mom nothing happened to us. On Saturday night one of the gangsters got shot and killed by another gang in our sector, so on Sunday about a good quarter of our sector was having a good old La Pintana funeral. So people were respecting the dead by rioting, playing loud rap music (I did hear some english songs) and walking around drunk and high as freak in the whole sector! The funeral services lastes for 4 days, so that was fun.
Ok so other story, this one strengthens my testinmony that God protects HIs missionaries. So on Friday we went to go check on a reference at like 9 thirty at night. The reference was on this sketchy alleyway with only one way in or out, and just as we entered, I told my companion to stop. I heard voices from around the corner behind us talking bout..... us. They were talking about where we lived and how we looked rich, and all of the sudden footsteps started to come from around the corner. We hurried and backtracked and right as we left the alleyway and stepped into the light, two hoodlums came around and walked right at us, we walked away and they followed us, but we shook them off. God watches over us.
I love the mission, it is awesome, no other place I would rather be, I am definitely counting my blessings this week, Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Tilghman

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