Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017 - Dog Fight

Hey everyone this last week was a great week, the days keep flying by so fast, it is insane! Our sector is really progressing and we are seeing a ton of progress it is awesome! This past week at church was the primary program and all of the kids and the leaders sang and gave talks, it was so awesome to hear from them and to hear the powerful testimony that even little gives can give about the Gospel. 
So last week we saw another miracle. On Saturday we were doing some door to door contacting in our sector when we talked with a nice lady in her door way. She politely told us that she was not interested in speaking with us, but then told us that her neighbor would love to learn and talk about Jesus Christ. We crossed the street and knocked on the door. We entered and taught Jose and Rosa Medina, a dad and his daughter about the Gospel. He has reciently gone through problems at work, is a single dad and is looking for peace and relief in his life, so we shared with him about the Plan of Salvation and the glorious Plan that God has for us and the blessings that come from our obedience to the gospel. As we talked and testified we felt the Spirit, and they felt it too, and because of that they want to get baptized! It is amazing what the Spirit can do and the way he can work in our lives.
On Saturday as well we had another good lesson, Saturday was a great day. We went and passed by a future investigator named Rene, we had contacted him the week before and we went by to go and speak with him on Saturday. We talked and shared about the Restoration of the Gospel and then he said he would read and pray as well to know if these things are true, boom another miracle. And on top of that, his dogs like us and do not try and bite our pant legs off, boom another miracle!
Ok storytime! So today for PDay we went hiking on a hill in our mission with some other missionaries. As we were walking up two dogs started to join us. But, they hated each other, the whole way up they were fighting and biting each other and when we got to the top they let it all out. It was Fight Night, and we stayed back because we did not want to get our skin ripped off. Once again another dog story!
Overall the work is awesome, we are really starting to find success. Everyday I feel myself learning and growing and understanding more about God and His Gospel, and I can feel that change taking place in me.

Elder Tilghman

3 Nefi 21.22