Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 14, 2018 - Ow, My Eye

Hello everyone how are yall doing? Well a lot has happened in the last week it has been quite the journey for me here in Los Robles, a ton of changes and a ton of new opportunities, and of course all of the funny stories that come along with the everyday life as well. I am so grateful to serve here in this mission, there are so many crazy funny things that go on it makes me laugh everyday, but you guys probably would not think it is funny like I do. God definitely called me to the right mission, just imagine, an entire place full of people that think my jokes are hilarious and where I get new material for my humor everyday, who needs Saturday Night Live when you have Wednesday Morning Drunks down here!
Ok so lets talk about the people. Last week we had some great lessons with our investigators that are progressing. We went and talked with a lady that got back from her month long vacations in the south of the country (Do not even get me started on Chilean vacation schedules) and we were finally able to meet with her. We tuaght her a lesson and testified about the power of the Book of Mormon and the testimony of Jesus Christ taht we recieve as we read it and she accepted the desafio to de baptized in a month! Nice. As well on Friday we were walking in the street and we had an investigator stop us in the street, someone that we had not seen for 2 weeks because he had not been in his house, he was busy, we were busy, his phone was dead, our phone had no minutes, overall it was chaotic trying to get in touch with Manuel. But on Friday we talked to him in the street and he told us he read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it and said he felt really warm and fuzzy on the inside and he thinks it was the Spriit. Of course we told him it was and testified to him of what he had felt and then went by yesterday and he confirmed that he knows what we teach is true and wants to learn more and be baptized. It was a great lesson and then afterwards we were so happy! We always hear about those kinds of moments that happen in peoples missions, and I was able to be the participant of one on Friday it was dope! Overall it has been going great here in our sector!
Ok so on Monday my old companion Elder Gavilanez finished his mission and went back to his home in Ecuador. He left at 4 oclock in the morning, so I woke up and said good bye to the guy and sent him off in the car to the airport and I stayed with the other Elders in our house in a trio until I got my new companion yesterday. My new companion is a gringo from Fort Collins, Colorado and his name is Elder Tanner! He goes home the change after I do here on the mission, and we have known each other for quite a while here and I am really excited to be with him, he will probably be my last companion here on the mission! 
So, email title. This week for our P Day we had a marshmallow war here in the chapel with all of the Elders in our zone (there are only Elders because it is super flaite and it would be dangerous for teh sister missionaries here). So, we bought PVC pipe and a ton of marshmallows and made marshmallow guns and shot each other for 3 hours this morning in our chapel, definitely the highlight of the week and one of the funnest things that I have done here on the mission, legendary. Yes we all got hit pretty hard with marshmallows; in the face, the eyes, the ears the....... well we all shot each other up all day so it was awesome. Part of the deal was that we had to dress up as warriors if we wanted to play, so I came dressed as a space cowboy with my spurs and hat, along with my lightsaber.
I love the mission. I cannot say it enough. Yes I have fun experiences, but I have learned more about my Savior JesusChrist here on the mission than in any other place on the Earth. I am grateful for the opporotunity to repent every day and to represent Him as His missionary here on the earth, it is a humbling experience. Love all of you, have a great week, do not forget to write!

Elder Tilghman

Alma 13