Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017 - Back at it again

So after weeks of silence, the dogs decided to jump out of the shadows once again, but we will save that story for the end. This week was a great week, we are getting a ton of work done, and on Sunday Belen was baptized by her dad! We will see if I can send photos because I am writing in a super ghetto cyber cafe, but we will see. 
Ok so the highlight of the week was definietly on Sunday. Church was awesome, there were so many people that showed up that we had to open the overflow which is the first time that has ever happened to me here on my mission, I could not believe it! It was also fast and testimony bmeeting and there were some great stories and experiences shared, it was a great day for all of our investigators and less actives the spirit was very strong in our appointment.  Then later that afternoon we had Belens baptism! She was baptized by her dad and the Spirit was so strong, it was awesome to see the change in the family during our time with them and teaching them. Afterwards they invited us to their house and we ate cinnamon rolls! Also the first time I have had those on the mission as well so it was pretty awesome, overall it was just a good day. Yesterday I was on divisions with an Elder named Elder Murphy and we went to a reference that we got the day before for a Haitian. We went inside and ended up teaching the whole family, but the problem was that they spoke Creole, their native language so I understood nothing. then out of nowhere Murphy starts speaking Creole with the people, I was so impressed, looks like I need to start waking up a half hour earlier to get some more language study in! 
Ok so story of the week. We had been having a pretty good time with no problems with the dogs or nothing ever since I fell off the roof and cannot ride on the bike, and then this last week they decided to go crazy again. We were walking home in the night and we turned a corner and a dog was in the street and started freaking out on us, but it was a little dog and we paid it no attencion. I guess it felt threatned that we walked towards it because then it turned around and ran inside a fence barking its head off and came running outside with a giant, sheep herding looking dog! We slowly had to back our way out of there until they calmed down. I thought we were dead, no lie. 
Life is going great and we are back to normal! I am loving the mission and I know that all we do is for a reason, and that we teach and preach the true, restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Tilghman

Eclesiastes 3:1