Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 22, 2017 - Gang Gang

Ok so this last week was pretty awesome. Elder Lindow and I have been working our ties off and our ward is doing great. We have a ton of progressing investigators, some baptismal dates, and as well the number of people who come to church keeps going up woohooo. I am grateful in this Thanksgiving season for the opportunity to serve the Lord and the people here in Chile, I know the Lord helps and guides in His work that we perform.
Ok so the investigators. So on Friday we went to go play soccer at our chapel with the other ward and Elders that we share the building with. On our way we went and talked to all of the kids that we could who were out and about playing soccer and invited them to go with us. Two kids, Hector and Fernando, said they would meet up with us at the church. We were a little bummed no one came with us, but towards the end, Hector and Fernando showed up and played with us, and then invited us to their houses the next day to teach them. On Saturday we went to Hectors house in the morning and started to teach him about Christ. He stopped us and told us that he knows our messge is true. He had been praying to God for many weeks to get help with strengthing his faith, and afterwards he felt prompted to go outside to go play soccer. And then we showed up. Boom baby, miracles happen just got to go and get them! So Elder Lindow and I were pretty happy and then we went to Fernandos house later that afternoon and we show up and he starts asking us questions about the church and Christ. We teach him and he says he has read the Book of Mormon a little before and then told us he knows we are people sent from God to teach HIs Gospel. BAM, two miracles within a four hour period, and on top of that we had hamburgers for lunch that day, so BOOM, three miracles in only four hours! We are also teaching the homies (The Haitians) and they told us we need to teach them english and spansih because they want to get good jobs and be able to understand people at church. This was also a miralce, but it was yesterday, so our lucky 4 hour miracle window did not cover it. Actually we have had a ton of miracles this week, no one in the ward got mad at anyone else, we only got threatened one time this last week, and the dogs did not bite us but the other people!
Ok so funny story of the week. Bueno, not so much funny as a little dangerous, but do not worry mom nothing happened to us. On Saturday night one of the gangsters got shot and killed by another gang in our sector, so on Sunday about a good quarter of our sector was having a good old La Pintana funeral. So people were respecting the dead by rioting, playing loud rap music (I did hear some english songs) and walking around drunk and high as freak in the whole sector! The funeral services lastes for 4 days, so that was fun.
Ok so other story, this one strengthens my testinmony that God protects HIs missionaries. So on Friday we went to go check on a reference at like 9 thirty at night. The reference was on this sketchy alleyway with only one way in or out, and just as we entered, I told my companion to stop. I heard voices from around the corner behind us talking bout..... us. They were talking about where we lived and how we looked rich, and all of the sudden footsteps started to come from around the corner. We hurried and backtracked and right as we left the alleyway and stepped into the light, two hoodlums came around and walked right at us, we walked away and they followed us, but we shook them off. God watches over us.
I love the mission, it is awesome, no other place I would rather be, I am definitely counting my blessings this week, Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Tilghman

DyC 46:32
BYU Bound
The boys that I live with
Typical trash field catches on fire at night time!
We celebrated my half birthday, hey when a good moment comes you got to celebrate it

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017 - Tag, you`re it

Woooohooo ok so this last week was awesome. My companion and I arrived last week and the area was dead, the ward was super small and no one wanted to talk to the missionaries. In the past week we have had 14 new investigators, taught quite a few lessons and we have a couple of baptismal dates, and we got the normal ward attendace up from 11 to 27 woooohooooo! And on top of all of it, our sector is ghetto, so once more that means that everyday we have super funny stories to talk about and write down, pretty much life is awesome right now. 
Ok so lets talk about the people. Yesterday we were in the street and talked to a man that was washing his car on the side of the road, his name is Daniel. We started talking and he invited us back later that day and we returned and shared with him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been praying and studying for years to find the truth and the way to return to Christ, and then we showed up yesterday. Miracles exist, we just need to be worthy enough to recieve them. Last week as well we were walking in the street, and we passed by a house and tried to talk with the people there, but they were not interested, but we asked if they knew anyone who would be interested in our message and they told us about a house of Haitians on the same street. So of course, being me, I was super pumped to go talk to some Haitians, but they were not home. As we were leaving the street, the little boy of the family who did not want to talk to us came running around the corner to tell us the Haitians had just got home and were now in their house. So we returned and taught the homies about the Restoration and we fixed a time to teach them English and Spanish classes in our chapel. Once again, miracles do exist! We have been working and striving everyday to find more people to teach and to help the ward members return to church, regain their faith in Jesus Christ and come and enjoy of the blessings of the Sacrament. I do not think I have felt the Spirit any stronger in my mission than when I promise people the blessings and comfort that the restored gospel brings. How great is our calling!
Ok so lets talk about the funny stories this week. So on Thursday we were in the street talking to an older gentleman and then all of the sudden two dudes on motorcylces come speeding past us on a main street. They were chasing each other because one dude was mad at another one and wanted to hit him, so the other one was running away, back and forth through traffic. It looked like a Need for Speed version of tag.
Other story. Near one of the apartments we walked by the other day there is a big doghouse, but I have never thought twice about it. But, of course, we walked by it and this massive white dog came charging at us from inside of the shady doghouse. In that moment I knew that I was going to die and I accepted the fact that the dogs were going to be the ones who killed me, there was no way I was going to win this battle. But, the dog was hooked to a giant metal chain leash (probably for good reason) and was stopped before it took our heads off. Point Tilghman. So, we lived to see another day!
I love the mission, I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only one who can guide us back to the kingdom of our Heavenly Father, I wish you all a good week, and happy birthday Dad, I think you are likle 45, I do not remember, sorry I am a bad son!

Elder Tilghman

Mormon 7

Open Chapel
Soccer unites nations
My hijo Elder Atkinson

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 8, 2017 - Its a Small World

Well everyone new week, new area, new companion and new opporotuinities! So the change calls came out last week and I am in an area with my companion Elder Lindow, we both are brand new to the area, which also happens to be the smallest sector in the smallest mission in the world! Basically the new area is a ton of super ghetto appartment complexes all squeezed together in an area about the size of my highschool! It is called Los Limoneros.
Well anyway let us get back to the people. Another part of our changes included changes with our last sector Maestranza, they called us and took both me and Elder Atkinson out because the Assitants moved into our ward. Something about it being a good ward and the assitants needing help in their work, our ward being a great ward with the best bishop, blah, blah, blah all I hear was complaints. They are the Assistants, they should have to work hard, but anyway it is what it is. So, they took us both out and all of our investigators were super sad, we passed by to teach them and say goodbye to them and they were all super confused and when we passed by the Haitians they almost made us cry. They did not understand why we were leaving and thought that we hated them, but we had to explain the situation, and then they were all sad did not want us to leave, it was one of the saddest days of my mission. It wa very hard to leave our last area, but it is the will of the Lord, so we will do what he commands us to do. 
With the people in our new ward, there are none. My companion and I got here yesterday and in all of the records in the entire area book of the people they were teaching there was one person they had taught three weeks ago and then went on vacation, so basically we have the fabulous opporotunity to start everything over from scratch! I am super excited because it means we are going to talk to every flite, or gangster, we see on the street and teach them about Repentance and Jesus Christ, it is going to be a blast. 
Ok so the funny story of the week happened today. So I am now back in a super flite area of the mission, so we are going to be having a ton more funny stories, and today we got on the bus and a teenage kid was rapping trying to get money. Basically all he was doing was making fun of people, and he saw us gringos get on the bus and his eyes lit up. Basically we were the center of a roast in front of the whole bus for about 5 minutes. We just smiled, and then just gave him a card with a picture of Jesus for payment and got off.
Overall it is all good, I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be serving on a mission, there is nothing else that I would rather do at this moment in my life, I know we are called to our area for a purpose. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Tilghman

DyC 42:6

Best Street Art ever
This was sad
The Familia Zey

Elder Lindow

Thursday, November 2, 2017

November 1, 2017 - Stingy Grass and Steaming Grass

Ok so some words of wisdom for future and current missionaries. Make sure you know what you are going to do for service before you go so that you can plan out your clothes you will where. For example, do not go cut some ladies grass dressed in shorts and a t shirt when the grass is actaully stinging nettle that reaches up to your face. Needless to say the shower was much needed so that I could scrub off the itch from my body. Ok so now back to the mission stuff. 
This last week was really good. We had some great lessons with some investigators and we were able to find some awesome people to teach, they live in a different sector, but they are still great! this week we went and taught a man named Luis who has been investigating for a few weeks now. We walked into his house and we were going to teach him about baptism, but Luis started to tell us about his brother who has drug problems, so we testified and talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that the Atonement allows us to overcome our problems and allows us to become better people. We talked with Luis about this and then talked about the 12 step program for addiction recovery that the church has. I am grateful for prophets in these days to lead and the inspired church and the programs it offers, because now Luis brother has a chance to access the atoning power of the Savior to turn his life around. This last week has been very peaceful for us as well. Elder Atkinson and I are teaching and testifying with the Spirit to the people that are in need.
Ok so story of the week. Down here there is a drink called mate. It is hot water that you pour this grass, and dirt mixture in, it is ok I do not like it but a ton of Elders drink it, basically it is dirty grass water. But my companion likes it and bishop gave him some of it on Monday right before we went to teach a lesson. We get to the lesson and the Haitians we were teaching saw the mate and thought it was marijuana. They all freaked out and Elder Atkinson tried to explain the situation by trying to show him putting a straw to his mouth and drinking, but it looked like he was smoking. The Haitians started to laugh and freak out, they did not understand him and thought he said he likes to smoke, and one of them came and gave us a high five. So next lesson is about the Word of Wisdom! 
but all in all I love the mission. I would not rather be anywhere else, yes we ahve crazy experiences and funny stories, but all of that pales in comparison to the Spirit that accompanies us. This is true, no doubt about it. 
For Pday today we went to the temple with our zone. The Spirit was very powerful and we were all able to have a great time together because changes are next week and it looks like the most of us will be getting moved around. The Temple is the house of God, a place of love and beauty.

Elder Tilghman

DyC 89

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 25, 2017 - Buena buena do not kill us

Hey everyone how are you doing? I am alive and well which is all good because I thought we were going to die this weekend, but it turned out all good, I mean what is the mission without a dude who wants to kill you am I right? And what is the mission without two guys who want to kill you?
Ok so first off lets start with the happy news about the people that we are teaching. Daniel our investigator who speaks English is on fire. We had a lesson with him yesterday and put a baptismal date down with him for the 26 of November and he is super excited. He always has great questions when we go by and visit him and he is progressing and putting in work towards his date. As well we learned a very important lesson about member missionary work. Daniel told us that his friend in the US has been talking him alot about the church and the Gospel, and Daniel has been able to recieve help and guidance when we are not around. I know that as we as members work together with the missionaries we can both see the fruits of our labors. As well we have been having great progress with our Haitian investigators. I finally put the goal to study hard kreyol, the language that the Haitian speak, so that we can better present our message to them, and at the same time help them with their Spanish. I am so excited to learn the language of my homies and best friends, the Haitians are my yuntas and cabros. Overall the work is going great, we have been having success and we are loving the opporotuinity to help and teach Gods children. 
Ok so fun story of the week! On Sunday night we were in the street in a mas o menos flite part of our sector walking back to meet up with a member at the chapel. From the side of the street this dude rises up to come over and talk to us. He was about 5 foot 6 but tatted up from head to toe and he was a buff dude. He walked towards us and his beer splashed out of his bottle, so that was probably why he was mad when he started to talk. But he yelled at us and told us to leave or he was going to hurt us and make us regret being in his country. We politely said sorry, and then turned to leave and he moved to grab me, but I just said good bye, have a good night and kept on walking. We survived! The flites are usually my homies, but I guess this guy was just having a bad day, it was probably because he did not go to church that morning. Always go to church, it will make you happy!
Part 2. On monday I was on a div with our district leaders and this tatted up dude just started talking to his friend in front of us and made a joke that he was going to attack us. Nothing happened, so it is all good, and then we found some Haitians listening to Justin Bieber in the street, so we went to talk with them. Overall, it was an exciting two days.
I hope you are all doing well! I love the mission, pasamos la piola and as well I grow more closer to my Savior. We are all safe, love you!

Elder Tilghman

Exodo 19

A Cars kite fell into our yard the other day
We visited an altar today
Senior pics 2017
I am a Chilean
Bunch of smog
I love life
Ripping some grass out of the ground
Zone conference with the favorites!
Pretty trees behind a metal fence
What we do now that we are home
I can sit up wooohooooo
We ate bacon for the first time on my mission on Sunday
Elder Grau left us, he got changed out, this is a bad picture of us
Study session
I love Elder Bennett
Service pulling up grass
Star Wars for PDay
The Ortuzar family
A nice park in my sector
Ok mom I got your christmas card picture

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October 18, 2017 - Spike and Spiked

Hello everyone so this last week was awesome, we are having some really great success in our sector in being able to teach and talk to new people here in our ward. We had some great experiences this week as well that testified to me that the missionary work that we are doing is of vital importance to Heavenly Father and His children. 
Sunday was the best Sunday I have had in my mission. So usual the number of people who go to church every week varies from where you are at in the mission. My first ward had about 70, my second about 30 and this ward has about 90. But on Sunday we had 150 people at church and I almost fell out of my chair. We have really been working with the bishop in order to get more people to come and partake of the sacrament each week, and it was great to see such a good turnout this week! As well during sacrament meeting Belen was confirmed and she asked us to participate in confirming her a member of the church, while we were confirming her I felt the Spirit fill the room. Thanks to the Priesthood that has been restored here on the Earth, Belen can have the Holy Ghost with her for the rest of her life, and will be able to have a constant companion and comforter in her times of need. All of our other investigators are progressing great as well, they each have their own unique challenges that they need to get over, but we are here to help them with that. Last week as well I started to seriously study my Creole, which is the language that the Haitians speak, so we will see if I will be able to talk that language after the mission as well. 
Overall the sector has been on fire, we are working great and very efficiently and I am so exicted to see the success that we will be able to have. 
Ok so story of the week. There is a giant dog that lives outside of our house called Spike, I gave him that name because it fits. Where we live there are no other dogs because Spike will go and fight them and beat them up until they leave, so he is kinda the only dog that I do not all of the way hate. On Saturday we were walking home at night and we saw Spike run on the street and slam his head into the side of a moving car because he was mad at it for some reason. He also did the same thing on Monday. I hope Spike and I do not become enemies. 
On Monday as well we were walking in the street and we passed a bus stop where there was a guy black out wasted on the bench. As we passed by he dropped his bottle and slowly leaned back and tried to catch himself, but he hit the ground. He then started to yell and moan so we kept going on our way. Once again children, do not do drugs or drink alcohol, only bad things will come.
I love the mission and love everything about it, I hope you are all doing well, do not forget to write!

Elder Tilghman

Daniel 2

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017 - Back at it again

So after weeks of silence, the dogs decided to jump out of the shadows once again, but we will save that story for the end. This week was a great week, we are getting a ton of work done, and on Sunday Belen was baptized by her dad! We will see if I can send photos because I am writing in a super ghetto cyber cafe, but we will see. 
Ok so the highlight of the week was definietly on Sunday. Church was awesome, there were so many people that showed up that we had to open the overflow which is the first time that has ever happened to me here on my mission, I could not believe it! It was also fast and testimony bmeeting and there were some great stories and experiences shared, it was a great day for all of our investigators and less actives the spirit was very strong in our appointment.  Then later that afternoon we had Belens baptism! She was baptized by her dad and the Spirit was so strong, it was awesome to see the change in the family during our time with them and teaching them. Afterwards they invited us to their house and we ate cinnamon rolls! Also the first time I have had those on the mission as well so it was pretty awesome, overall it was just a good day. Yesterday I was on divisions with an Elder named Elder Murphy and we went to a reference that we got the day before for a Haitian. We went inside and ended up teaching the whole family, but the problem was that they spoke Creole, their native language so I understood nothing. then out of nowhere Murphy starts speaking Creole with the people, I was so impressed, looks like I need to start waking up a half hour earlier to get some more language study in! 
Ok so story of the week. We had been having a pretty good time with no problems with the dogs or nothing ever since I fell off the roof and cannot ride on the bike, and then this last week they decided to go crazy again. We were walking home in the night and we turned a corner and a dog was in the street and started freaking out on us, but it was a little dog and we paid it no attencion. I guess it felt threatned that we walked towards it because then it turned around and ran inside a fence barking its head off and came running outside with a giant, sheep herding looking dog! We slowly had to back our way out of there until they calmed down. I thought we were dead, no lie. 
Life is going great and we are back to normal! I am loving the mission and I know that all we do is for a reason, and that we teach and preach the true, restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Tilghman

Eclesiastes 3:1

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October 4, 2017 - Ping Pong

This past week was a really great week, in all ways imaginalbe, I am so very grateful to be out here on the mission and for the people we help and the experiences that we are having. We had some awesome experiences this week as well which really built upon and helped to strenghten my own testimony!
So this past weekend was General Conference. For those of you who do not know, General Conference happenes twice a year, once every 6 months and the prophet and apostles as well as other Church leaders recieve insight and revelation to share with the world. The guidance that they gives us leads us to peace, joy and new sources of peacefulness, because there is happiness that comes from following the prophet. I really learned alot and enjoyed every second of it, if you have not had the opporotunity to see or hear for yourself, I will leave the link in the email so that you can go check it out. 
As well, we had some great experiences this week. Just yesterday we were walking in the street and a guy on the side of the road looked us in the eyes and said "hey guys how are you?" in perfect English. So of course, we stopped to talk to him. His name is Daniel and he was born in the US but spent the most of his life here, but he speaks very good English and so we talked with him for a little and then went to his house later that night to go and teach him. We talked about his life and experiences with the church, and then we shared a message with him. He is super receptive and a great person, and we have a return visit with him tonight. He was first introduced into the chruch by a friend, which was a real testimony builder for me, we are all workers in the obra of the Lord! This weekend as well on Sunday there is a little girl named Belen who is getting baptized! Her family is coming back to activity in the church, and we have been teaching the whole family, and she will be baptized by her dad this Sunday afternoon. I testify and know that families can be eternal and that through Priesthood ordinances we can make bonds with our Heavenly Father that will last for the eternities. 
Ok so jumping from super spritual moment, lets go to the funny story of the week. On Thursday we were walking through a really ghetto park with trash, alcohol and people passed out on the ground everywhere, or basically the normal, and we saw some kids playing ping pong. We went to talk with them and we talked with them and then played some ping pong so that they would listen to us. We were able to teach them the Restoration, and ten after they invited us to watch them play one more game. They both broke their paddles, so they took out their phones and started to play ping pong with their phones, then one of the phones broke, so he played with his hand. It was good to see that he valued his things alot.
This mission is awesome, I hope you are all doing good! Be safe and have a great week!

Elder Tilghman

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 27, 2017 - They think they are so funny

Woohooo this last week was a great week because we got to go out of the house and finally get back to work on Saturday! I still have the broken ribs, it is not too bad, but we can finally get back out onto the street. I never in my life thought that I would miss the smell of dirty roads covered in dog poop and garbage, but it is the most magical smell in the world because that means I am not stuck inside the house. Ok deep breath, lets begin.
So as far as our people go, they are progressing well. After the week of being in the house, we lost contact with alot of our investigators, so the last few days we have been repassing by their houses to catch back up with them and teach them and see how they have been. Yesterday we went to the house of a Haitian investigator named Dezama and after a week of not seeing him I knew there would be changes in his house. But I was not expecting him to have a child! He told us his wife gave birth to their daughter early, and when we passed by yesterday Dezama was holding her in his arms, it was so cool. We then taught about the Plan of Salvation and testified about the value of eternal families, it was a great lesson. On Monday Elder Atkinson and I were in the street on our way to a lesson and since we cannot use our bikes now, we decided to do a few contacts in between every appointment, and we contacted an elderly man on the side of the road. He was going home and we found out he lives really close to us, we were able to talk and fix an appointment. We then started doing that in between every lesson, and we have had a ton of new investigators! Overall it has been a good past couple of days. 
Ok so the funny story of the week. so on Sunday we showed up to church and I saw the young men in the ward dying in the back corner of the chapter, so I went over there to ask them what was going on. They had found out I fell off of a roof and they found a video on youtube of a bunch of little Argentinan kids on the roof of a shed and they were filming themselves. Then they fell off as well, and teh young men did a video edit and put my face on the faces of the people that fell off. They think they are sooooo funny. So now everytime that I see one of them they start breaking out in laughter and cannot control themselves. Well, I can check off getting bullied by a bunch of Chilean teenagers from my bucket list. 
I am loving the mission and everything that we are doing and the work that we are putting in. I would not rather be anywhere else. I hope everyone back at home is good, have a good week!

Elder Tilghman

1 Nefi 13

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September 20, 2017 - Bring the House Down ... Ouch

Well ok my email will be pretty much one big story this week because I know my mom is dying to hear it, and it was the majority of my week. 

Long story short, I fell off a roof and broke 2 ribs.

See you all next week!


Elder Tilghman

No just kidding I could not do that to my mom. Ok so lets get down to talking. So on Saturday we went to a service as the entire zone because there was a giant house in someones ward that got burned down in the night, so we went to go rip everything out. They wanted us to take apart everything and destroy it all so that they could start from the ground up and rebuild everything, so basically my job was to take a hammer and go smash everything to little tiny pieces. Awesome. So about 8 of us Elders got onto the second story of the house and started to break stuff up and throw it down onto the ground. We threw out all of the furniture, the bathroom, walls, toys and everything else because it all got burned. Well once we had the walls and roof off, I went over to a corner of the house to go and take out a beam of burnt wood so that we could take the roof between the second and first floors out. But, I forgot that I was in Chile and they build some parts of their houses with styrofoam. So right as I got to the edge, I thought I was going to step on a secure part of the roof, but my left leg went straight through a patch of burned styrofoam and I started to fall to the ground. Luckily, I threw my leg up on a piece of wood that was jutting out and I stopped my fall, but I slammed my back against the wall super hard, and thus I broke 2 ribs. Woooohooooo. So Saturday was a fun day we went to the hospital and they had to give me some medicines and did some exams and then sent me on my way and told me to wait a week or two and heal up and they I should be good to go. I am definitely very blessed nothing else happened, I could have broken way many more bones, but I am glad I did not. Once again, I know that God protects His missionaries. 

So, the rest of my week was basically staying inside all day because I cannot leave so that I can get better. Elder Atkinson has been doing diviisions with people so that he can go out and work and not go crazy like me inside all day. We have played a ton of Uno and Monpoly and I have never studied for so much and so much time in my entire life. But, on Saturday I should be good to leave, so we will hope for the best!

But that was my week, I mean what is a mission without a trip to the hospital am I right? I just always thought it would be because I was mauled by a dog, but who would have thought that it would be my ownself that brought about my fall? But hopefully nextweek we will have some great news, love you all and let me know how you are doing!


Elder Tilghman

Helaman 5:12

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017 (from President Gwilliam) - Elder Tilghman (no worries)

Brother and Sister Tilghman,

First and foremost your Missionary is fine, in fact, he is remarkable!  He did however take a fall while helping in a service project.  To be safe, we sent him to the emergency room at an excellent clinic here and they determined that he has a small fracture of two ribs.  Not much he can do but take some medicine for pain and rest, which I’m sure will make him crazy.  Under the direction and watchful care of our mission nurse and the Area Medical Authority who is based here in Santiago, we will be watching to make sure there are no other complications. If there are, we will reach out to you immediately.

I like to make sure the parents know if there is ever a trip to the emergency room.  The doctor feels that within a few days he should be back to working, as he loves to do.

He really is an excellent missionary, and is respected by all who work with him.  His Spanish is very strong as well…and very Chilean.

Thank you for sending us such a mature and capable young man.

President Gwilliam

Douglas J. Gwilliam, Presidente

Misión Chile Santiago Sur


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 13, 2017 - Plan: Relax and Live

Ok so this week was a pretty different week than what we normally do here on the mission because on Monday was the Purge down here in Chile. But, more about that later, for now we will jump into the blood, sweat and tears that were shed this week in the work of the Lord. (Well without the shedding blood part, we were safe, it is cold so we did not sweat and the only tears that were shed were when we had some really strong fish floating in lemon and salt.)
Ok so with the people. Elder Atkinson and I have had some great experiences and miracles this last week. So we have been teaching a less active family who wants to come back to church and the dad wants to baptize his daughter, so last week we started teaching them, and she committed to a baptismal date at the end of this month! We are very excited for them and they have already shown their desire to change and they are very excited for all of these blessings that vendrán! As usual as well we have been in the process of finding and teaching new people the gospel so taht many more people can hear this message. Last week we taught and met a lady who had reciently been in Miami for a conference and we talked about the Hurricanes over in the US. We testified of teh Plan of Salvation, and it gave me peace to know that the trials of this world are not the end of our existence, this life is only the gateway to an eternity of love and peace if we live by Gods commandments. Overall we have been working very hard and we have been able to feel and have spriitual experiences with the Spirit!
Ok so fun story of the week. So every year in Chile they have a national riot day because why not? So it was this Monday and we had to stay in our house just for safety reasons because we did not want anything bad to happen to us. So what Elder Atkinson, Grau, Murphy and I did was genius. We asked permission and we got approved something awesome so that we could enjoy our time inside. We got a projector, Blu Ray player, some good chilean BBQ and spent the afternoon and evening inside watching the Lord of the Rings. Best, Day, Ever. Elder Grau and I are huge nerds of teh Lord of the Rings and when the opening music came on we looked at each other and started to tear up. So yes, there were some tears shed this week. So that was my great and epic story this week, and I owe it all to the gangsters for wanting to riot in the street all day. 

I love you all,
Elder Tilghman

Mosiah 1:7

Monday, September 11, 2017

Letter from the President

Dear Parents,
We would like to inform you that your son has been called to be a Trainer in the Chile Santiago South Mission. The calling to be a Trainer is no small one, and carries with it many responsibilities. President Gwilliam has high trust in the abilities of your son. He has called him through inspiration, and is grateful for the willingness he has to serve and sacrifice for the new missionary to which he has been assigned. He will serve as a guiding light to his companion as he follows the inspiration that will come to him, and as he leads in the ways of the Lord, with love, longsuffering, humility, and charity.
We thank you for the effort you have put forth to raise a son worthy to serve a mission, and to receive this special calling of added service to his new companion. He will undoubtedly move the work forward, and help in the progress and growth of Gods Kingdom here in the Chile Santiago South Mission. We thank you for the service and sacrifice you have rendered and pray that you may be able to recognize the many blessings you are, and will yet receive because of the faithful service of your son in the Lords Vineyard.

With gratitude and love from all those serving in the Chile Santiago South Mission,

Elder Christensen
Secretario de Registros
Misión Chile Santiago Sur
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días
Celular: 974783056
Oficina: 022-980-3611

Attached PDF:

Dear Elder Tilghman:
Thank you for accepting the call to be a Trainer in the Chile Santiago South Mission. You have proven yourself to be a trustworthy missionary in obedience, diligence and urgency in sharing the gospel. By way of inspiration, and because of your faithfulness, you will now have the opportunity to strengthen and train a fellow missionary as he begins his service.

There is no other calling extended in the mission that has more impact on the culture and success of the mission than the calling of a Trainer. Likewise, there is no other calling that has such a great capacity to influence the individual life of a missionary than that of Trainer. This is a sacred trust that requires your best effort and commitment to excellence.

Remember that your most powerful teaching tool will be your example. Demonstrate the blessing of being strictly obedient. Be bold in declaring the message of the restored gospel, and inviting all to come unto Christ. Model for him the type of missionary that the Lord wants him to become.

We have confidence in you and know that the Lord will bless you with the abilities that you desire as you pray to him in faith. Love and encourage your new companion as he adjusts to the rigors of missionary life. Watch over him and reassure him when you become aware of signs of stress and discouragement. Be patient and forgiving and he will turn to you for counsel and guidance.

We will always be grateful for your loyalty to the Lord and for your willingness to accept this most important calling. We love you and have every confidence in you. We look forward to working with you and stand ready to help and support you in any way that we can. 

President Douglas J. Gwilliam Sister Stephanie Gwilliam
Chile Santiago South Mission
Misión Chile Santiago Sur, Francisco Aranda 530, San Bernardo, Santiago Chile, 8070868

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017 - I can ride my bike with no handlebars

Alright so we got some big news this week. I can now ride with no handlebars. I was pretty proud of myself. The other day we were riding around and a little girl saw us riding with no handlebars and stopped in the street and just looked at us with her mouth wide open in shock until we left. As well as learning how to ride with no handlebars this last week was a great week for us.

We have been able to find a ton of new people to teach the gospel to. There is a ton of potential here in our sector and we are very excited! Last week we went to a park in our sector and chained our bikes up and decided we were not going to leave until we got new people to teach and taught a lesson. We walked over to a group of teenagers playing ping pong and we played for a few minutes and then they all listened to us as we taught a lesson, and we have continued to teach them this week! We are so excited because it means a ton of potential for our ward with not a lot of young men and young women. On Saturday we also had a good experience. We were contacting in a diiferent park and started to talk with a young family. We had a great talk about eternal families and how to have one, and we found out they are from Venezuela and are really eager to learn the gospel. I know that under proper Preisthood authority and the convenants we can make with God we have the opportunity to have eternal familes and to live with them forever. 

Ok so funny story of the week. We had lunch yesterday with some members and as we were talking and eating ice cream their little 8 month year old son started to cry and scream. So the mom did what I would have done and took a spoon of ice cream and gave it to him. It got real quiet as we watched to see what was happening and the little kid started smiling with the biggest smile ever on his face. But the funny part is he stayed with the same smile on his face for 20 more minutes. I can relate to the little guy, sometimes icecream is the best part of my day too. 

Ok I have just decided to throw in a part on my email everyweek about my dog stories. I honestly hate these things. I am sorry to all you dog lovers out there, but you have never met Chilean street dogs. These things need their own page in Wikipedia. So last week we went to do a service with some other elders. I had a shovel in my hand as we were riding and a dog decides to come run at me from a side street. I let it get close and then hit it on the head as I was riding. The dogs ran away. I was happy. One day they will learn obedience. Like I have said before, one of us is not leaving here alive.

Overall it has been a great week. I love the mission and I love the work and I love the Lord! Keep writing!


Elder Tilghman

Alma 6

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017 - Go to the bathroom and go to teach

Ok so this week was an awesome week! So since I am with my new companion Elder Atkinson who does not know any Spanish, I have the chance to teach him what all of the weird phrases and things are down here, I will explain more at the end of the email. But as always, this week was amazing, I absolutely love the mission and the work that we do. 
Ok so we will focus on the people. Last week we had a lesson with a recent convert and his sister and we had planned to teach them about the Gospel of Christ and the doctrine that he taught. As soon as we sat down with them at the church to talk, we felt prompted to change. We had a lesson on the pure power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We testified that he is our Savior and Redemeer and that as missionaries we help others to make sacred covenants with Him in order to have more access to his atoning power in our lives. It was an amazing lesson and the spirit was so strong, in the end of the lesson the sister of the recent convert put her own baptismal date for the 14 of October. I testify and I know that we must listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Not only will we have the opporotunity to have our own lives blessed as we listen to the whisperings of the Spirit, we will have to chance to bless others in their journey on the quest for the truth. This is an eternal concept. To be able to hear the Spirit, we must do all in our power to act, listen and study in order to be able, in the precise moment, hear what He has to say. These moments are precious and the closer we draw to our Savior, the more in tune we become in order to better hear the impressions that we recieve every day. 
As well we are working hard with a list of some less active members in our ward. We have been teaching and helping them and their families to understand the Gospel and to learn to live it. Overall, the work is going great here in our ward!
So on Monday we had a really cool and funny experience for the week. We were doing contacts and we started talking to this man at his front gate about the Gospel. All of the sudden out of nowhere I got the urge to use the bathroom, so I asked if we could pass and use the bathroom. He looked at me a little funny and then let us in. We then ended up teaching him and we are going over again today because he loved what he heard. So long story short, God works in misterious was, sometimes in ways we never imagine. I was grateful we could teach that man, and as well I am grateful I went to the bathroom in his house, he had one of the nicest that I have seen in Chile, so that was a blessing for me. God works in misterious ways. 
So that is all! This has been a great week! I love the mission, my comapnion and I are working hard and sacaring the mugre every day, which makes us both feel good. I love you all, keep writing and have a great week!

Elder Tilghman

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