Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30, 2016 - EVERYONE HELLO!

EVERYONE HELLO! First thing that I have to tell you all is that I love this city, I love this MTC, I love the people and the missionaries here, and I hate the food. It is crazy how time flies here, when all you do all day everyday is write, talk and think in Spanish. These past nine days have been a roller coaster of emotions for me, and I am sure they have been hard for you too, because your favorite person in the world is now in Mexico City studying Spanish (And I am not talking about Elder Dolenar). The first day that I left I was a mess at the airport and I kept crying, and all I could think about was my friends and family, and I miss you all so much my heart is hurting right now as I am typing. However, on the airplane I sat with eight other elders and four other sisters all going to Mexico, so it was good to be with people. Once I got to Mexico City, my attitude completely changed. Once I got off of the airplane I felt a sense of purpose and belonging that I have never felt before, and this bore testimony to me that serving a mission is the correct choice to make. Once all of us got on the bus to go to the MTC, it was crazy. This city is so dirty and cramped, but I love it because it is so dirty, it is awesome. People here are insane, when traffic is stopped, people just come out from buildings and walk in between cars trying to sell food and little toys, I wanted to buy one, but the bus driver would not stop, so it was a loss. When we got to the MTC, I was in awe, this place is huge and it is so nice even by American standards. That night I met my companion Elder Flores and he is a stud. He is from Orem, Utah and I was nervous at first because I thought he would speak fluent Spanish because of his last name, but he is a true gringo and spoke no Spanish. Our district here is so great, I love all of the people in it, and I will include pictures so that you can see all of the people that I am talking about. Our apartment here is very nice, and we do not really have any problems with the state bird of Mexico, which is the mosquito. There are only mosquitos in classrooms and hallways, so me and my companion have a competition to see who can kill more as we walk. I always win because I am taller. It is crazy learning Spanish here. In only a week I already know more than I did by taking two years of Spanish in high school. On our fourth day we were already teaching people in only Spanish and it was nuts. Last night we gave a lesson and I talked for 20 straight minutes in Spanish, talking about the church and our purpose, and about our purpose here on earth, and my teacher told me I did and excellent job and that I will be an excellent missionary because I can speak the gospel so well. However, my normal Spanish words need some work, as Elder Aurich knows. Elder Colton Aurich is my zone leader and I see him all the time all the day and he is great at helping me understand the language, and he is a great friend to me and I love him and Elder Dolenar so much. Everytime I talk to people here I try to use the Spanish words I know, that way my Spanglish will get better. The grounds and the buildings here are very nice, and there is beautiful grass everywhere, as well as a ton of basketball courts and soccer fields. The food here is iffy at best. Some days there is great food like pizza or hamburgers, and I can eat. But other days I live off of salad and fruit, so needless to say I have lost some weight here. My belt is tighter and my clothes are a little looser, but it is all good, because I am getting cut. Do not worry I am still the same person you guys all know, but I have definietly changed a lot in a short amount of time. I am very organized now and I am obidient to everything that I am told to do because I know that obideince to laws and lessons will bring blessings, and this is true. But I am still the same goofy guy, I get roasted by latinos and gringos alike down here, so some things just do not change from home. And last night the Elders in our district had a rap battle as we were walking back to our apartments and of course I won, when I finished my fire verse, everyone freaked out and started jumping around. Anyway, I love it here! At nights we can hear sirens, yelling and I think fireworks, but they might be gunshots for all I know. It is so cool. I dream and think about you all the time, but I know that I was called on a mission for the purpose, and even if I could come home right now I would not want to because I love the people I teach and live with, and I love to learn Spanish everyday. I have studied more here in a week than I did my entire senior year of highschool hahahha. I love you, and I pray and think about you all everyday. My friends need to go visit my mom because she misses you guys too, and I am talking to you Tristan. And <I apologize for my bad typing, I am trying to use a Spanish keyboard, so I may have messed up some words, but oh well.

With a lot of gringo love,
Elder Tilghman

Pictures 1: My companion Elder Flores and I ( I am wearing glasses because the sisters say that I look better in them). 2: The view from behind our dormitory 3: Me and my hermano Elder Aurich 4: My DISTRICT from left to right, Elder Flores, Me, Elder Moss, Elder Cherry, Hermana Cribbs, Hermana Klein, Elder Scott, Elder Langston (Who is also from Mesa), Elder Soto and Elder Gornichec 5: This is the prettiest picture of the city that I have

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