Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7, 2016 - I hate the Mexican State Bird (The Mosquito)

oh and Happy Fourth of July and birthday to my best friend ZDub, and my favorite sister ever Kaci!!!! I love you both so much 

Ok so as the subject lines states, I hate mosquitoes so much. I think in the past two weeks I have killed more mosquitoes than I have in my entire life before. Anyway this week was full of some highs and lows. Last Thursday our distirict went to the Mexico City Temple, and it is so beautiful, and I will send pictures to go look at in my blog. My mom has set up a blog for me, I do not really know what it is, but I am sure my mom will respond to this email and tell you all what the blog is. Anyway, back to business. After the temple trip we got sad news that a member of our district Elder Soto had to go home because he severed his ACL, we were sad and we will miss him; and he was the funniest guy I have ever met, which is saying alot because I am pretty funny. Elder Soto helped us to start a rumor down here that Jennifer Lopez died, and since no one has Internet at the MTC, everyone believed us and it was awesome. Everyday my Spanish gets a little better, but it is hardwork. This week my companion Elder Flores and I decided to talk only in Spanish, so we spoke about twenty words the entire day hahahhahah. No but it is really cool, at night it is so fun to fall asleep because we hear screaming and gunshots so my dreams are really entertaining. Have I said before that I love this city? I am doing really good at the MTC, I think I have eaten more fruits and veggies here than in my entire life, and everyday we work out really hard, it is great because I am getting yolked (this means in shape). Everyday behind our dormitory there is a giant flock of birds so me and the other Elders in our district go run through them, and then they fly all over the place, it is the closest I can get to watching an action movie so I like it. The weather here has been rainy everynight, and it gets very cool, which is nice to walk in as we make our way home from class everyday. I am learning so much here and it is very spiritual, I learn so much about myself everyday and I know that hardwork pays off. Everyday I have to humble myself because I have to put forth hard effort to learn, and I have learned to have faith that God will provide and help us through our trials if we are willing to work. I love all of you guys, but I am having so much fun here learning and growing. Seriously if they want more people to go on missions, they should advertise that it is basically a free gym membership, it is great. I love you all so much, and do not forget to go check my blog for the amazing pics that I will send. 


Elder Tilghman

P.S. someone keep me kept up on what goes on in the sports world, did Kevin Durant really go to the Warriors? Please let me know I am dying out here.

Me and my compañero


Our district
My beautiful MTC
Views from CCM
Sorry for my face, that part still has not changed

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