Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017 - Please throw away your trash

This was a crazy week! It felt like this last week there was so much going on and so little time to do it all, I felt like I was running around like a crazy person. We had service projects, an open chapel, lessons to teach, classes to prepare, and yes we had changes this last week. I am no longer companions with Elder Gowers, I love the guy and I will miss him, but I am now with Elder Gates! He is actually from the same group as Gowers and they were companions in the MTC, so it was fun to meet him at the change meeting. 

Ok before we dive into everything I will start with the people we have. So about two weeks ago we went to go visit a member at their house late at night right before going home and I felt prompted to talk with his neighbor across the street. It turns out they are awesome, and they have 3 kids who all speak a little bit of English because the family has friends in Florida. We have gone back and are teaching the  kids of the family, they are super receptive to the Gospel and they are all reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and English, so I am very excited to see the progress of Max, Yulliana and Nicol! Yesterday as well, Elder Gates and I went to find a Haitian reference that we recieved and we met the guy and started teaching him. It turns out he is super receptive and has been looking for a way to communicate with God for a long time now, so our first lesson with him was all about God´s love and prayer and he accepted the invitation to come to church and see what it was all about! Overall the people are great, and are eager to learn about Christ. 

This Sunday in our ward we had an activity where all the members came to the church, along with a ton of missionaries and we setup the chapel in a way to expalin different topics about the church. We then invited people who were walking by in front of the chapel inside to come a take a look. We gave them the tour and talked about various topics; baptism, the Book of Mormon, the Priesthood and so forth, and then we shared about the Easter initiative of the church. We were able to talk and meet a lot of people, and many of them want us to come by and meet with them, so we are excited for that as well!

Ok so funny/disgusting story of the week. On Saturday we met up with the zone and we went to a really ghetto apartment that is in our stake boundaries. The city of San Bernardo asked us to come and clean up a hoarders house because it was disgusting and bugging all of the neighbors and the people. Let me say, this house was disgusting. If anyone has seen the show on TV about the people who just hoard stuff without stopping, this house was 5 times worse. We walked into the apartment with facemasks and gloves and the floor was covered with old food, trash, clothes, wine boxes and bottles, and yes maybe there was human and animal waste everywhere. I will not go into details but it was the crappiest job I have ever done in my life no lie. We were there for 4 hours taking out the stuff, and there were spiders all over the walls and in everything, so we were trying not to get bit as well. It was gross, but in the end we finally got everything all cleaned up.

I am doing good, I am loving the mission and all the challenges that come my way everyday. I know the Lord lives and that He has a work that we need to do in order to help His children. I am blessed for everything I learn everyday and all the blessings that I see around me. Love you, do not forget to write!


Elder Tilghman

DyC 121:9

There was a gorilla selling hamburgers in the store today
Pancakes with icecream
Elder Gates
Elder Ebert left as well this change
Cool snake
This is a normal looking street of my sector

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