Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 - Bless the smart gangsters

Hey guys what is up? I am pretty happy right now becaue it is raining and cold, so that means we are leaving the hot summer and starting to head into the raining winter woohoooooo! This week was a little weird, I got to participate in some government programs and also got to be saved by using the name of a gangster here in the sector, so overall a pretty fun time.

Ok so about the people. Elder Gates and I are having some major success here and also some bad luck, but that is the way it is in the mission field. We have some amazing less active members and some investigators who are progressing very good, but the problem is the other half of the people we are teaching had some hard things happen this last week. From other family members lying to us and them about when they are home, to major problems at work it has been a little frustrating trying to find and teach people this week, but sometimes that is the way the mission goes. However, as I said we have some amazing people who are progressing amazingly. We are teaching a less active joven named Ignacio who if he keeps his goals will be able to get the Priesthood in three weeks and he is working to go and serve a mission! We are also teaching some Haitianos who are really receptive to the message of the Restauracion and we are teaching them and fixed dates for them on reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church and eventual baptism! Overall things are amazing and difficult at the same time, but that just makes the work more fun.

As you guys also know this last week was Easter and it was great. I encourage and invite any of you that have not seen the videos on to go and watch them, they are great and teach us who is Jesucristo and how we can become more like him. Really good stuff.

Alright so the funny and scary story of the week, sorry mom, but do not worry this one is not too bad. So a couple of days ago Elder Gates and I were going to end the night but we decided to go stop in on a reference we got to see if we could come by and teach him later. Well the street we turned on to was full of dudes smoking and drinking, or in other words, a normal street. The guys started yelling at us and were trying to scare us, but then I remembered the name of a gangster we met, so I mencioned his name and they all quieted down and we shared some cards with them about Jesus and invited them to turn their lives around through Christ and then we left. It was a great night. 

Overall things are great, the government Census passed by yesterday and we had to stay in the house and answer a bunch of questions so that was something new. The lady who spoke to us was shocked why we were here in Chile so young so we shared with her and it was good, we testified of the Christ. I love what I am doing and the things that we do everyday. No labor goes uncounted when working in the work of the Lord, and I am happy to be a part of that. Take care and have a good week!


Elder Tilghman

Isaias 42

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