Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12, 2017 - I am one with the Force and the Force is with me

Update: My legs are sore. I love being on the bike it is awesome, it is definitely way different than walking around all day like I did for the first year of my mission. This week was great! I absolutely love my new sector, the ward is awesome and the people here are amazing. This is definietly the strongest ward I have had in my whole mission and the members are awesome, all of them are machines. It is also a lot easier to find new people to teach here in this sector, the people seem more receptive, and the area is way bigger, so we have some cool places to do some contacting. 

The investigators here are awesome. Ok so first off we have Pablo, Javierra and Maxi. They are the brothers and sister of a recent convert here in the ward, and we have put a goal with baptism with them as well for in about three weeks. Those kids are awesome, they read and pray and they told us they want to get baptized, I am so excited for them. Pablo makes fun of us because he thinks we have a gringo accent somtimes, the kid cracks me up. We went to mutual and played soccer with them last night with the Youngs Mens and the leaders and it was awesome, they got to know the ward a little better. Our next investigator is a kid named Ernesto. His family is coming back to the church after losing contact for a period of years, and their 9 year old son Ernesto has been coming with them. He wants to get baptized as well, and we are really working with the family so that they can all prepare themselves to enter the temple and prepare to have an eternal family. The good thing is they love going to church and meeting the members and people that they new before, and Ernesto has expressed his desire to be baptized. Last week we also got into contact with a Haitian who wanted to meet with us. He had met with the missionaries before in Haiti and lost contact and wanted to get together with us again. We went and taught about the Restoration and he commited to coming to church. Reciently as well Elder Alldredge and I have been using a survey in order to talk to people about God and the Gospel and it has been awesome for us. We have been able to talk to many different people and they have opened up their desires to learn more about their purpose in life and we have been able to testify of the truth that we know and the fundamental and eternal principles that will never change, which bring hope and joy into our lives. Overall the sector is on fire.

Ok so funny story of the week. So the neighborhood that we live in is a gated communtiy and to open up the gate we have an automatic opener on our keychain that we carry around with us. Yesterday I asked Elder Alldredge to open the gate, and right as he opened it I moved my hand so it looked like I used the Force to push it open. The funny part was on the other side of the gate was a little kid on his bicicleta. When he saw the gate open when I moved my hand he stopped and stared at me with his mouth wide open. He stared at me and my companion the whole way down the street, and then we laughed about it afterward. I finally completed my dream of being a Jedi and using the Force. I am the Chosen One. 

The mission is amazing, the Spirit and the experiences are not only a testimony to the people we teach, but to me as well. I know and I testify this is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. After a great long night of Apostasy, our kind, loving Heavenly Father has restored His truth in its glory and fulness for us, His children. He has a plan, and wants us to obey because he knows that we will be happy, not only for this life, but for the eternities and the life to come. And that is the glorious truth that we share. Thanks to Him, this life on earth is not the end, Death has been conquered and sin has been vanquished. I know and share, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


Elder Tilghman

3 Nefi 12:14-16

Elder Grau
Elder Champutiz
Elder Alldredge

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