Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5, 2017 - Leg Day Everyday

Hey everyone so this past week we had changes and I left my old sector, Condell. I was there for 6 months and honesly I can say it was amazing, the people are genuine and sincere, and the work of the Lord will continue to advance. I am now in a new sector a little south of where I was before, and it is called Maestranza. My old area was super ghetto and not going to lie, pretty scary, but my new area is super nice, there are nice houses and the people are a little better off. but do not worry, there are still dogs and they chased us yesterday because I am now on a bike! So, the dogs now chase me as I am flying down the road on two wheels.... we will see how this goes, those suckers are fast.

When I left my old sector, we had some people with some baptismal dates, Sammy and Mathieu, both of which are Haitians who speak fluent English. We are working with them so that they can progress and feel more comfortable in church, becuase they do not speak Spanish yet they feel a little left out at times, but the language will come, I am a witness of that. I am sad to leave those guys, but I know that they are in good hands and that they will be taken care of.

Here in my new sector I also have a new companion named Elder Alldredge! He is from Kanab, Utah and his family owns a fast food restaurant there, so I will definitely be going to visit him. He is a great guy and I have known him for a while now here on the mission, and I am excited to be with him. I live with two Elders named Elder Champutiz and Elder Grau. champutiz is from Ecuador and Grau is from Spain, they are super cool guys.

Of course there is also a funny story of the week. On Sunday Chile played against Germany in teh Confederations Cup Final for soccer and lost. So of course what did the Chileans do all day? Yell at us. Just because we are white people does not mean we are from Germany, but everyone thought that on Sunday so the whole world was mad at us, but it is what it is.

Overall I am loving the work and the way that things are going. Love the people, food, work and studies, but no lie I could do without the dogs. I hope you are all having a great week, love you!


Elder Tilghman

Daniel 1

Last house picture
My Haitian brothers!
It was sad to say goodbye to the soccer squad

One year down
This is the only dog I like
Love you Elder Marinez, te cuidai poh
The simpons

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