Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10, 2016 - Dogs, Cats and Snakes

Ok the time here is literally flying by, it seems like just yesterday that I was emailing you all telling you about my first week in the mission field, it is unreal. This week has definitely been a week a miracles and hard work and I love it! It has been so amazing to see people and their lives change in just a short period of time. However I am always thirsty because Chilean people never hand out water, only juice or soda, and it kills me. Pero, es no importa.

This past week Elder Jones and I have been doing a lot of work with less active members of the church and we have been teaching lessons to many people from Haiti, and they speak English!!!! It is really cool but weird to speak in English now, it kind of freaks me out but it was easy to talk so I loved it. Anyway our ward that we are serving in has a ton of people who were baptized in the past, but they never come to church, so there are about 900 people in the ward, but only 60 come to church on Sunday. So Elder Jones and I have been going to as many of their houses as possible and trying to talk with them and to let them know that we love them and that the Lord loves them. Many of these people have problems with drugs or alcohol, so we tell them that we want to help them overcome their problems, which we do and it is amazing to see how much people want to change, but how powerful addicitions can be. 

Everyday as we work to find people to teach, we were not having much success getting into peoples homes to teach, but that all changed on Sunday. In the ward that I am in no one can play the piano, so I have to play every Sunday, and people are very interested in playing the piano. So when we go visit people we offer to give piano and English lessons if they will let us teach them, and it has opened doors for us. Also, as we have gone and visited people this week, I have used my nerdy math skills to help out people and let them teach because all of them want me to tutor their kids. So the moral of the story is, study hard in school and develop any talents that you have because you never know how you can use them to help bless the lives of other people. 

All of you are probably wondering why my email has this title, and it is a funny story. Down here in Chile, there are dogs everywhere you look, literally if there is air to breathe I guarantee you there will be a dog within 15 feet of you. That may sound cool, but all of these dogs are scarred and dirty from living on the street, getting in fights with other dogs or being hit by cars, so the dogs are nothing like the cute puppies you see on social media. As Elder Jones and I were walking home this week we were almost bit by a huge brown dog, it followed us and chased us, but luckily it turned around and went back to its lair. There are also a ton of cats here too that hop from roof to roof of the houses and fight each other on the roofs, it is hilarious to be walking down the road and see a literal cat fight break out on the roof hahahaha. So the snake part of the email is not about the animal, it is about the women that are down here. So someone once told me there were beautiful women in Santiago, but whoever told me that is a liar because they are definitely not. As we walk home all the time they yell at us, I do not know what they say but Elder Jones says they are calling us, and I quote, "delicious gringos" and if you hear the way they say it, you would barf. So we call them snakes because they are exactly like them.

Things are going good down here in Chile, we are working hard and teaching everyday, and my Spanish is always getting better it is so cool to see it improving. I love you all and miss you, and I hope you all have fun with whatever you start doing this fall!


Elder Tilghman
1 Corintios 14:9
Así también vosotros, si por la lengua no dais palabra bien comprensible, ¿cómo se entenderá lo que decís?, porque hablaréis al aire.

This is the nicest street in my sector
This is my companion and District Leaders, they are dope
Views from Santiago
This is our Chapel, kept under lock and key

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