Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 2016 - Spanish Harry Potter

Alright so all I can say is that the mission life is the best life on the planet. It is so awesome to be able to learn Spanish, teach people and have fun with your companion all day, I do not know if I ever want to come home. Well yes I still do, but it is so awesome out here in Santiago, Chile. Everyday my Spanish gets better, and my trainer and the APs are teaching me all of the ghetto Spanish slang down here, so when I return to the states I am going to sound like a hood rat. ¿Cachai? No but anyways things are going great, I love my companion, he is such a really spiritual and good guy, and he is a total nerd so we talk about movies and such in Spanish which is super crazy hahahha.

Currently we are teaching a bunch of people who are less active in the church, as well as people from Haiti! I love the Haitians they are so humble and really funny, and they speak broken English and Spanish so we teach our lessons by going to the chapel and showing videos that we can find in French so they can understand. It is really cool because our lessons with them will have three languages going on at the same time which is awesome to hear. Everyday as we are walking in the streets Elder Jones and I have a goal to make three contacts with people in the street and he lets me take the lead so that I can work on my Spanish. I have no fear of doing it because I start the conversation and then when I dont understand Elder Jones takes over, so it really is not that hard to start to talk to people. But we have been teaching and working hard everyday, which is super awesome and it makes the time fly by. The days feel like months, but the weeks feel like days, if that makes any sense. We are working and learning Spanish and trying to avoid the gangsters, this is the life.

Everyone wants to know what the culture and people are like down here in Santiago, and I think my mission is different from the rest of the city. For those of you who do not know, my mission is the smallest in the world, but we have a ton of people because we serve in the slums of the area. The people down here are so funny they make me crack up. For example, we will be walking in the streets at like two in the afternoon and there are people blackout drunk laying in the dirt on the side of the road, or they are super drunk and try to talk to us but they end up falling over because they are absolutely hammered. It is different here than in the States, but I love it, everytime Elder Jones and I get approached by a drunk person it cracks me up because they say the funniest things and they try to speak English hahahahahah it kills me.Even though the people are different I love this place because I get to learn more and I am able to see the blessings of living a Christ centered life and the benefits and protections that it brings. But I honestly love the people and look forward to helping them everyday.

During one of our street contacts this week, we were talking to a lady in a store and her little three year old daughter walked in and started cussing us out, like hardcore. The words this little girl was using were very, how do I put this, colorful. She just did not like strangers I guess, but it was funny because she would not even look at us. I could not understand what she was saying, so Elder Jones translated for me and she was calling us names I had not heard since highschool, if you know what I mean, so I learned a lot of bad Spanish that day. When the little girl left the room she turned to us and yelled "Sangre Sucio" which means Mudblood, a term from Harry Potter. The whole time her mom was apologizing to us, but after the lesson Elder Jones and I started dying laughing because we had just gotten chewed out by a three year old.

No but really things are going great down here and the Spanish is coming more everyday. We have seen some Olympics as we go to members houses for lunch appointments, but I really do not know anything that is happening other than we watched the US Mens Gymnastics team perform. Things are great down here, teaching, preaching and learning. Today we went to a mountain in the middle of the city for our free day and it was sick, there will be pic on my blog. I love you all and I hope you have a good week, keep in touch I will try to respond to all of you if I can! Ciao!

Elder Tilghman                                                                                                                              

Moroni 7:29
Y porque ha hecho esto, ¿han cesado los milagros, mis queridas hermanos? He aqu√≠ os digo que no, ni han cesado los √°ngeles de ministrar a los hijos de los hombres.

This is my bro Jacob Jupiter, one of our investigators. I guess I am a barber now because I cut his hair.


This is my dad Elder Jones, hard at work
Elder Antre made peanut butter, it is literally butter and peanuts, it is not bad
Yeah I taught him how to do this
Candid picture, and shout out to Zach Ward for my shirt
Elder Scott, Jones y yo
We found this street today, it is pretty sweet.
This drink is so good, I forget the name but is has corn and peach in it
We took a trolley to the top of this huge hill, it was really cool

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