Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24, 2016 - Spongebob and Miracles

Wow the time really does fly by in the mission field it is crazy! It feels like just yesterday I was leaving the CCM to come to Chile, it is nuts how fast time flies. This week was very fun and very spiritually powerful. Everyday I am learning both in the language and in the Gospel, and it is so awesome to measure how far as an individual I have grown in just a short time. Looking back on who I was and how I acted even two months ago it is amazing to see the growth that comes from the mission.

This week Elder Jones and I have been working with more contacts on the street with people and working with our Haitian investigators to work them towards their baptism date in about two and a half weeks. I love street contacting because you have to be guided by the Spirit to know what to say and what people to find that will be ready to listen to you. But, Elder Jones and I do meet some interesting characters while out in the streets of Santiago. Almost everyday without fail we see people blackout drunk laying in the dirt on the side of the road at 2 in the afternoon. And we also see a TON of teenage girls with children, it is really sad but that is how the culture is down here. Anyway our Haitian investigators that we are working with are really awesome, they have the great desire to be baptized and really want to listen to our lessons. They are progressing really well and I am excited for them. Whenever we teach them we can always feel the Spirit, and this week they told us that they cannot wait to get baptized and that they will do whatever it takes to follow the example of Jesus Christ. That was an awesome miracle. Everyday and everytime we meet with them we are always impressed by what they are learning and how we are learning too as we teach with the Spirit. The Spanish is coming along a little more everyday, and it is an interesting challenge for sure, but with time it will come.

This week I also went on divisions with my zone leaders and they are super great guys. It was weird because I had to spend all day talking in Spanish because Elder Anguita, my zone leader, is from Argentina and speaks no English. But it was great we laughed and we taught many lessons that day. That night before we went to bed Elder Anguita and I were talking about movies and TV shows and I learned how to say the Spongebob Theme Song in Spanish which was really funny, it is so much more funny in Spanish.

Today for our P Day some of the Elders from our zone went to the Andes Mountains to go play in the snow. It was awesome. The mountains are huge, and are only like and hour and a half from us, so we hiked around and went and had a great time in the snow. It was really cool because up that high the air is so clear and the view is awesome, I hope I can go back again. 

But anyway things are progressing really well, and I take it one day at a time with the work and learning, that is the way I can learn the best and still work hard. I love all of you guys, do not forget to write!

I do not have a Scripture, so I will just send out our mission vision:

Somos misioneros consegrados cuyos vidas y trabajo se centran en la Doctrina de Cristo.

Les Quiero,

Elder Tilghman

It was really cold in the mountains
Reminds me of Lord of the Rings.
This water was so cold
Elder Anguita one of my zone leaders, man I move this guy he is super funny
Boise State and ASU
I got this hoodie from Elder Jones, it is sweet because it says South and that is our mission

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