Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 16, 2016 - The Blind will see and the Deaf will hear

Ok so it is really hard to start a conversation in English now, so I am just going to start straight into the email. This week was really great, I think it may even have been some of the best moments I have had here in Santiago. This week we also had some new experiences as well that were really amazing to be a part of. 

There was a sad moment this week though that really broke my heart. One of our investigators and good friends from Haiti named Jacob moved to a different part of Santiago, so we can no longer teach him. We saw him one last time and had to say goodbye, it was tough to see him go, but I know the other Elders will end up teaching him good. We have another Haitiano investigator that is working for a baptism date, and his name is Willy. He is super sincere and humble and really wants to follow Christ, but he told us first that he wants to get married to his girlfriend so that he can be in good standing before the Lord. It was awesome because he really accepts the message and just wants to do the right thing! I think the best moment of the week this week was meeting iwth our investigator Rudolfo. When we first found him he did not believe a single word of what we were saying, he just only wanted to practice his English. But now, he has progressed in leaps and bounds, and when he came to church on Sunday he told me he wants to help in our ward activites! We had a lesson with him on Monday and we fixed a baptismal date with him for the first weekend in December, and he is very excited about it! It is so awesome seeing the change that happens in people with the power of this gospel. 

The crazy story of the week would have to be what happened yesterday. Yesterday, Elder Topalda and I were contacting in the street and we came across a lady who started to talk with us. We had a conversation with her but we noticed she was having a hard time understanding, so we asked her if she was having difficulty understanding what we were saying. She then told us that she is almost all the way blind and she cannot hear at all, and the only way she knew what we were saying was by her reading our lips while we talked! She speaks perfectily because this illness is a genetic disorder that started to take place about 5 months ago. We taugtht her in the street through the scriptures and writing down notes for her to take her time to read. For me it was an example of a prophesy fulfilled that the blind will see and the deaf will hear until everyperson has the opporotunity to hear this message. God is preparing the way.

Elder Topalda and I are doing great, and I have learned so much from him about how to use the members and how to be more personal in our teachings. I am learning so much Spanish everyday as will, I love the challege and I love the growth that I have already seen, and I am so grateful for that. I hope you are all doing good, remember if at times life seems too hard to stand, kneel in pray to our Father in Heaven!


Elder Tilghman

2 Nefi 10: 17

The boys take the court
This is the ghetto team down here in Chile, in my sector if you do not like this team then you have a death wish ahhahaha
From a while back with divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Brown

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