Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 23, 2016 - I scream for Icecream!

Summer has officially arrived down here in Santiago. The weather is not too bad because it is not nearly as hot as it is in Arizona, but in the words of my companion, "Ugh hace cualquier caloooooooor". This week has been great, and I think it may have been the week with the most growth that I have seen on my mission, both spiritually and in teaching lessons.

Ok so lets start with the most important part as always, the people. This past week has been great working with the people in our sector, members, investigators and less actives. I really do feel comfortable in my sector, I feel like I know every street, person and dog by name (Knowing the dogs by name is pretty easy, I just call them all Spike). This week Elder Topalda and I really focused on getting all of the people that we are teaching to come to cjurch so that they can recieve the blessings of being gathered together in a body of believers. So, every person we saw we invited to church, and we even had an activity on Saturday as a ward where we went out and invited all of the less active people we could find to church, and the results we awesome. On Sunday we had an attendence of 81 people, which may not sound like a lot, but compared to the normal 50ish people that usually attend, it was a miracle. That Sunday we also had our ward conference (which is a special meeting with leaders from the local church area) so it was even more better that the people we invited showed up. Our investigator Rudolfo is awesome and he is progressing a ton in his testimony, and he is reading the Book of Mormon and I believe he will keep his date to be baptized in December. Last night we also found two Haitiano investigators that we had not seen in a while, and we also put a baptismal date with them as well, so things are really started to look up in Parque Combarbal√°! 

So this week since it has been really hot, we have been eating icecream in the day to cool off. We have a less active lady in our ward who sells icecream, so we usually pass by her house to buy some icecream and then we have a talk with her and her family. Today we also bought about 40 icecream bars for 3 dollars, so it was awesome and now our house is full of icecream hahahahah. 

This week I have come to realize the importance of studying the Scriptures. Everyday we do our studies, and I am coming to love this time more and more everyday. The Scriptures really are the work and word of God and if we study them we can find answers to all of our questions and problems in life. I am so grateful to have that blessing and power in my life.

I am doing great out in the mission, just talking to hobos, teaching Gods children and trying not to get bit by the dogs! I love you all and hope you have a good week, do not forget to write!


Elder Tilghman

2 Nefi 22:2

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