Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016

It was another good week down here in Paradise! Everything is running smooth down here in Santiago, my companion is great and my sector is absolutely awesome I love everyone there. Basically this week was just another week of work, and I got to experience my first earthquake in my life!

Lets start with the investigators and less active members. This past week was really awesome because we have finally started to get members from our ward active in our lessons and in the work that we are doing. I believe we had at least one lesson with every investigator and less active this week that had a member involved, and it is great to see the power of friendship that is within the church. This week Elder Topalda and I had a few meetings with a new investigator named Willy, who is from Haiti. We were teaching him last night, and the three other people he lives with also came down from their rooms to listen, so we ended up teaching 4 people at one time, which was really rare for me, I loved it. We also have another investigator called Rudolfo who I think I have mentioned before. He is an absolute stud, he is still looking for an answer to all of his questions, but he says he feels that this church is true. He is awesome, and it is amazing to see his testimony grow everyday. 

This week was also fun because I got to help plan mutual this week with the Young Men. I recently got the calling to be a counselor in the Young Mens Presidency, so I get to work with the teenagers alot. I really enjoy that part of my mission because I have almost the same age as some of them, so I can relate to them a lot and I can urge them to help them get ready to serve missions. This week for mutual we played ping pong with the young men, so it was fun to be around them and to be in the Mutual atmosphere again. 

Ok so the cool story of the week. On Friday Elder Topalda and I were in our church building doing some planning when all of the sudden the table and the lights started to shake. It was not strong or anything, the things in the room just moved and vibrated, but I experienced my first earthquake! It was nothing too big and there was no lasting damage to anything, but it was a new experience.

I am absolutely loving the mission, this is the funnest and most fulfilling thing that I have every been a part of and would not rather been anywhere else in the world sharing the gospel. Spanish is awesome, and I love that I get to learn more everyday! I love you all and hope you are all good.


Elder Tilghman

2 Nephi 7

Elder Sims didnt get the memo that we were going for serious
Elder Moura, my new District Leader is hilariously funny
Elder Topalda and I at Santa Lucia
Study roooooom

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