Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11, 2017 - I want to visit Haiti

Ok so this last week has been really awesome with the work in our sector, but it is also a little sad because this is the last week that Elder Topalda and I will be together. And I am sorry if this email is a little shorter, but this computer that I am using to write isnt the best, so it messes with my typing. But anyway, I loved this week, I feel like I have definietly recieved answers to my prayers.
So lets start off with the investigators and the less active members that we have. This past week was a little rough because we started with about 7 investigators in our pool and then at one point we only had 1 because everyone this week either moved or we dropped them because they were not progressing. But, this last week, thanks to some contacts and some miracles we found some more people to teach! We found a new Haitiano who only speaks English and says that he came to Chile to find the true church of God, and so far he has come to church, started reading the Book of Mormon and accepted a baptism invite all in a week! His name is Jimmy, and he will be getting baptized the 22 of this month! On Monday we also had a good lesson with the daughter of a part member family. We have been working on reactivating the mom, and the daughter started to listen to our lessons. She is only 10 years old, but understands everything we teach and says she feels at peace when she is with us or in the church. So, this girl (Javierra) will also be getting baptized the 22 of the month as well! Overall I felt like this week was great because we have been working hard but have been hitting dead ends, but this week we have seen some amazing progress, and I thank my Lord for these blessings.
Ok so funny story of the week, we were in the street with a member from our ward to go a visit Javierra before a lesson on Monday. As we were walking we ran into a Haitian we know and we started to talk. He then looked at the member and asked her for her phone number so that he could "start to talk with her". This Haitian totally hit on this poor girl right in front of us hahahhahahaha. We ended the conversation and left, and when the Haitian was out of earshot we started to laugh hahahahha. It was super funny oh my gosh.
I am grateful for being a missionary. I am grateful to be in Chile. I am grateful to serve my God and His children everyday. And last of all I am grateful for the blessings that He gives me everyday. I hope you are all good and that the New Year has been good so far. I love you and do not forget to write!

Elder Tilghman

Isaias 2:2
Caught sleeping
Elder Gutierrez is one of my favorite people, and the best DL ever
Yeah we played soccer again today

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