Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017- Condell

Hey everybody what is up? I got transferred yesterday to a new area and a new companion, and believe it or not this sector is even more hood than my first sector was, so it is awesome! My new companion is named Elder Gowers and he is from South Jordan, Utah. He has only been out on the mission like 4 months, and I am his second companion, so I am "greenie breaking" him, which basically means I am his second comp after his trainer. This is definitely a fun experience, because I get to bring Elder Gowers into the "real world" because he is not sheltered by his trainer anymore. Overall, it is pretty awesome.

Ok so some info on my new sector and some more info on my companion. The new sector is called Condell, and it is one of the smallest areas in the smallest mission in the world, so yeah it is pretty tiny. But, even though it is tiny, there are a ton of people that live here because all of the houses are super small and squished together, and the sector is basically apartment buildings and tiny, dirty alleyways where everyone goes to smoke! I do not know how, but I think Heavenly Father knew that I always liked to be in the more thug places hahahhahahaha. My companion Elder Gowers is a great guy, for the next week I will be learning the sector and the members here, so I will have to follow him for a little bit, but he has been doing a great job leading me. Right now we are short of investigators, but that is awesome because it just means a ton of contacting and talking to people in the street, which is probably the best part about the mission. We hit the ground this morning going to find some people to teach, and because the sector is so small, the people know the Mormons pretty well, so a lot of people invited us to come back and talk with them, so this morning we got about 5 new investigators in two hours, it was great. I am super excited for the work here, because it looks like that we just have to open our mouths to talk to people and invite them to listen to us and they will say yes, so I have a ton of ganas to do the work here in the sector. (I do not know how to say ganas in English, but it means like I am excited). Some things are still the same from my old sector, Parque Combarbal√°. There are still dogs in the street, but now there are more smokers in the street, but it is fine by me.

So now for the sad part of the email. Even Though I have a new area right now, that means that I left my first ward, Parque Combarbal√°. I was sad to leave that ward after 6 months, I met some great people there, both members and investigators, and I know I will not be able to forget them. I also had to leave the house that I was living in in order to go to my new sector, so that also means I am not living with the Assistants anymore. I will miss those guys, they taught me a ton and were great examples for me about the type of person I want to be and what I want to do with my life. But, the future is looking bright here in Condell.

I love you guys and I hope you are all doing good! Do not forget to write to tell me all that is going on, I love to hear it all! Keep safe and Take care.


Elder Tilghman

Mosiah 3:19

Elder Gowers!
The vega family
The goat from the old sector

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