Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 - Blackout

"Hello my friends how are you?" I am just quoting something that I hear everyday on the street down here. No but really, how is everyone? I am loving it down here in Chile, everyday is a new adventure and new things to do it is sweet. This week was a good week of doing some tracting to find new people, and it was a good week of getting oriented in the new sector.

Alright so I will start off with the new people that we have found here in Condell. This week we were walking in the street doing some contacting, and we contacted a Haitian on the side of the road and got a return visit to his house. We ended up going to teach him and he actually lives with two friends, and we are teaching all of them and they have started to read the Book of Mormon, so we are really excited to see the progress that they start to make, it will be really fun to watch. Elder Gowers and I have also been going around trying to clean up the ward too. We have a list of all the members, active or not, in the ward, so we are going around in seeing if people still live there, and if they are, we invite them to meet with us and come back to church. A ton of miracles have come that way as well, in terms of people to teach and new people to know. We also met with some people the past week who were old investigators of my companion and his old comp, so we went to visit them to see how they were doing and how they were progressing. They have some great people who are progressing great, we just have to get them out to church with us, so this week in our lessons we just talked with them all about their progress and coming to church, and fixed some plans to go pick them up as well. Overall we are doing really great, and we are sacaring la mougre from the sector, because there is really a ton of potential here and I am so excited to work. 

So the funny, scary moment of the week happened last night. Elder Gowers and I were wrapping up our last appointment for the night and we were getting ready to leave to go to the house. Then all of the sudden, all of the power went out in our sector and everything went completely dark. So, we had to hurry and book it back to the house in the dark, because we were just nervous about getting robbed or something, but we are all good now so it is ok! But that was the funny and scary moment of the week, but nothing happened to us. 

Overall I love my new sector and my new companion. We are really working hard to work and lead in every way possible that we can so that the Lord can perform his work in Santiago. I love you all and I am grateful for everyone of you, do not forget to write!


Elder Tilghman

Alma 6

This is Dude, he is like the pet of the mission!
Zone activity on the mountain!
Some of the boys from the house, Elder Gowers and Elder Ebert

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