Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017 - I was (kinda) robbed

Yeah so do not worry, I will tell the story later about what the title of my email is, but its all good, we are chill. But anyways this week is going super good, Elder Gowers and I are really progressing the work along in our sector, there are multiple times a week when we have to arrange divisiones with ward members for hours at a time in order to get all of our appointments covered, but it is awesome. 

So the investigators. Right now we have one girl, Cassandra, who has a baptismal date for the last Sunday of the month. She is super awesome and really receptive to everything, and is reading and praying everyday to know if the church is true. Her only problem is going to the church, we are really pushing Repentance with her so that she can learn to go to church and continue following the Lord. I am excited and happy for her, we will see how everything turns out! So right now in Chile, everyone and their mother is on vacation right now. So that means that Elder Gowers and I do a ton of contacting everyday to find new people to teach, because everyone we know is out of town, so we just have to keep working to find more people to teach. And it has been great. We met a guy a couple days ago who recieved the missionaries a while back, but then went to the hospital for 4 months, so he lost contact with them. When we found him he invited us in and we immediately started teaching him, he is a great guy and is willing to change, so we will see where this goes. Yesterday we were also doing some contacting and all of the people where either not in there house, or they just slammed the door on us, but we finally found some people who would talk to us. They are a young family who actually has family members who are church members, and they invited us back Sunday to talk with them, so once again we are happy to see where this goes. 

Ok so story time. This week Elder Gowers and I were touching some doors talking to people, and giving out little invitations to people so that they will start coming to church. I had about 50 in my hand, and we started to talk to some people, so I put them resting in my pocket. I also had our cellphone in that same pocket, and someone must have seen it. A teenage kid walked by me and stuck his hand in my pocket and took the first thing he found and ran away, he did not steal anything, just all the 50 church invites, so he better be coming to church on Sunday. So, I was kinda robbed, but nothing bad happened, and who knows maybe he will come to church and we can start to teach him. 

Things are going great down in Chile, I love the days and the people more and more as they weeks go by. Even though sometimes the people are weird, they are super funny and I know they are children of God, and I happy to be working with them. I love you all, do not forget to write!


Elder Tilghman

3 Nefi 27

We broke Melissa´s back patio so she could put in a garden. I have no idea where she got that shirt, she does not even know what it says
Went and played soccer with the old district today
Marcelo, Paloma and Disney toys
Elder Gutierrez will finish the mission this month, he is a great example and friend to me, I love the guy

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