Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 3, 2017 - Demons of the Infernal Pit

I am sorry all of you animal lovers out there, I really am, but this week I learned that all animals are Satans servants, and I will explain later on, but this week was war between me and the beasts.

Ok in other news, it was a nice week I really enjoyed all of the things that Elder Gates and I got accomplished, we did some hard work. We now have another investigator with a baptismal date and her name is Gabriella. She accepts everything from the lessons that we teach and she has great faith in Christ and wants to be baptized, but she worked on Sunday. WORKED. We had been working and praying finding a way for her to be able to come to church and she told us last week that she was fired, but she was happy and so were we because she can come to church now! God works in mysterious ways. We have also been teaching a less active teengaer named Igancio. He is a great guy and has been recieving the missionaries for a while and we fixed a day with him so that he can get the Priesthood! He is working on some goals and working with bishop, but he is a great guy and he will do great things, he realizes that Christ is his Lord and Savior. Overall some very good things are going on and we are happy to be a part of them.

Ok now to tell the story of the week, actually there are multiple so get comfy. On Friday we had a service where we also went and cleaned out a kinda hoarder house, but it was mostly clean so we just moved some trash and old rotting wood out so we could toss it. Of course there were the normal spiders, but there was also a giant rat running around. The dogs at the house chased it and tried to kill it, but they could not do it. Eventually the rat came running straight at me, so I did the natural thing and I speared it with a shovel. Its eyes just looked at me with pure hate right before it died, that thing wanted to kill me so bad, nice try buddy.

Ok part two. So on Saturday we went and taught a lesson and as we were walking out there was a disgusting dirty, beatup dog in the street eating some trash. I do not know what I did, but the thing freaked out and started running at us like a possesed lunatic. It caught up to us before I could throw a rock at it and it of course bit me right on the calf, not too bad but one tooth got down pretty deep. I. Hate. That. Dog. With a passion. So, tonight I ahve to go to the hospital so they can give me some shots so I do not die from all of the diseases that flea bag was carrying. We have an appointment over there on the same street on Friday and I am going to walk around with giant rocks, so if the dog tries anything my comp and I are going to destroy it.

So those were my stories of the week. I had several encounters with creatures from the Underworld and we had some great spiritual moments. I hope you all have a great week and that you stay safe, if you see any rabid dogs in the street throw some rocks or cactus at them!


Elder Tilghman

Marco 5

We played some paintball today because Elder Dominguez goes home soon :(
I love this Brazilian!
Elder Alvear y Elder Lagos
Divisiones with elder alvear
Marcelo and Matias

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