Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017 - This. Is. War.

Alright to I have to start off with why my email is called this, because I honestly cannot believe it. On Sunday night Elder Gates and I were walking in the street going to contact in this apartment area and out of nowhere I feel a pain in my lower leg and I hear my pants rip. A big dog had come out from a side street, without barking or making noise, and bit in in my other leg right in the middle of the calf. It bit me and then backed away snarling and slowly wandered off, it ripped my suit pants all the way to the knee, and this bite was bigger and hurt way worse, but I did not bleed too bad. I never thought the dogs would be the hardest thing about the mission, but apparently all of them have declared war against Elder Tilghman, so it is war they are going to get, and one of us will not leave here alive. It is crazy because it is like every dog know thinks that we are enemies because they chase us around way more than normal now, but I guess it is just something that we will have to deal with. Looks like I will get very good at learning how to throw rocks hard and accurate.

But other than that, this week has been a very good week. Elder Gates and I have finally been able to find some good new people to teach and we have been able to put some baptismal dates! Our one Haitian investigator, Nevel, has a date for June 4, and we are super excited for him, and he always smiles and gets happy at church and says he feels the spirit. At the same time that the dogs seem to be getting worse, the people seem to be opening up to us and have started letting us teach and talk with them, so we are also excited to see where this progress can go! It is a miracle to see how people can change their entire attitude and behavior when they put their trust in God. But it does make sense, God is our Father and Creator and if we let him, he will cut us down and mould us so that we may become the person that he wants us to be for the eternities. 

Ok so funny moment of the week. There is this one gangster in our sector who loves us for some reason, his name is Bastian. But he found out it was my birthday last week and he came up  to me at like 10 at night and wished me happy birthday and said he had a gift for me. He came out of his house with a bottle of soap. So, the only present I got from someone here in Chile was soap, and it was awesome! He saved me like 2 dollars at the grocery store so that was nice.

Of course I am still loving the mission work, it is the greatest blessing that has come into my life. All of the hardships and experiences let us see that God has a purpose for us and he has a vision of the person that we can be. All that is required is that we humble ourselves enough to be able to accept His will and work in order to progress in this life. I love you all and hope you are all doing great!


Elder Tilghman

Phillipains 3:2

Elder Fowles
Soap from the gangster

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