Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017 - VIVA CHILE

Hello my friends! Another beautiful day down in Santiago, the weather is actually a little warm and sunny today, so that is a nice change of scenery. The dogs have started to chase around the other Elders so now it is their turn to suffer. And we just watched the Chile soccer game in the Confederations Cup against Portugal for Pday, overall it has been a pretty swell day. 

Ok where to begin? This week we made some serious progress with our investigators. we have strong concrete dates with people who actually have the desires to submit themselves to the Fathers will and follow the example of his son Jesus Christ. It has been a miracle watching the Atonement work in the lives of people, the ones we teach and also my own personal one. Elder Gates and I have also started to teach some of the kids who come to Mutual and play soccer with us. We had a good lesson in the street with them about The Restoration on Sunday, the Spirit really testified of the truth. The kids decided to learn more and have been studying the pamphlets that we have left them to read, so we are excited for the progress that we could have there. We also had a powerful lesson on Monday night with a less active member. He has been struggling with some life problems and choices and we had a powerful conversation on the power of Christ to break the strongest bonds, even those of heartache and addiction. Overall I am loving the work and how it is progressing.

Ok so funny story of the week happened about an hour ago. We were watching the Chile soccer game in the house of a member and all of the sudden during the penalty kicks the tv stopped working. We were freaking out and we decided to ran outside in the apartment complex, and we finished watching the game with the neighbors of the people we knew. We just burst in their door asking about the game, and they told us to sit down (Chileans are very nice when you want to watch soccer with them). Chile won, and we got scared. We were in a prettty rough part of the neighborhood, and everyone started leaving their house and yelling and going crazy, on top of that they might have been a little drunk, so it was interesting. But Chile won!

I love the mission and love how things are going, I can honestly say I have not had a better experience in my entire life. The people, places, animals, food, atmosphere and the lifestyle are all different, but in the end all of us are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. That is our purpose, to bring His lost souls back to him, and I would not rather be doing anything else. I love you!


Elder Tilghman

Jeremias 18

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