Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016 - Chile, Chilly, Chili, Chilis

Lo siento, I forgot mi escritura
 Doctrina y Convenios 6:36
Elevad hacia mi todo pensamiento, no dudéis no temáis
Wow I cannot believe that this is the last week that I am going to be in the CCM, the time has really flown here, it is insane! I am definitely going to miss all of my friends and teachers, but I do not think that I will miss the food very much. I have made some good friends with other districts here, as well as my teachers and mi corazon is hurting everytime I think about leaving them, but I know that I need to go to Chile and serve the Lord and the people. This past week has been really amazing. Last Thursday for our P Day, we went out and played soccer in the afternoon, and during the game it started to pour rain. Our district was down by four goals, and we had ten minutes left to play, and we scored five goals in ten minutes in order to come back with the win. It was pouring rain and we had a comeback win, it was no doubt the hypest I have felt since I have been on my mission. 

On Sunday we had a really good talk by a member of our branch presidency about the danger of pride, and it made rethink how I am living and serving my mission. It made me realize that without humility, we can accomplish no goals in life because we will always be looking to glorify ourselves and not help or serve others. Sunday was very powerful and very humbling, and I am grateful that I am able to change. As I have been here I have been able to learn and grow, and I will forever be grateful for this opporotunity that I have had to learn how to grow up, even if it was just a little. 

Also this week we got our flight plans to head out to Chile! I leave on Monday morning at 11:15 in the morning, and I have to be ready to leave at 5:30 so we can make sure to get to the airport and through security. I am excited but also sad because only the Chile Santiago South people leave at this time, so that means all of my friends who are going to Chile Santiago North will leave later in the afternoon on Monday; so I will not be flying with Elder Dolenar, or almost all of the other Elders I have made friends with, including most of my district and my companion Elder Flores. My flight has 9 other people going to South with me, and one of them is Elder Scott who is from my district, so it is good because I will know people with me. And we had our teacher look up to see what restauraunts there are in the Mexico City Airport that we could eat at, and they have a Chilis restaurant that is there, so you know we are going to be eating there. I am nervous and excited at the same time because I will be thrown into a foreign country where I know a little bit of the language, but it is going to be awesome.

This week I was talking to one of our teachers who went to Chile Santiago North on her mission and she told me a lot of stories about the South mission. The way she explained it was that the South mission was created basically because there were too many robbers and gangsters for the other three missions of West, East and North to handle, so they decided to make that one area that was bad become one mission. Needless to say I was hyped. Our teacher also said that missionaries down in the South mission get robbed all of the time, so again, I was hyped. Finally she told us that there are areas that are so bad down in the South mission that the only thing missionaries carry on them is money to give to the robbers when they get robbed, and their house key that they keep in their shoes so it does not get stolen, again needless to say I was hyped. It is funny because apparently missionaries in my mission hand out many Book of Mormons, but they do not get read because the robbers just take them from the missionaries and then use the pages to roll joints because it is high quality paper hahhahahahahhah. Do not worry I will be safe, but it does sound like a challenge to help turn these peoples lives around, and I am excited. I will not do anything too dumb, so no need to worry.

On Tuesday we had a fireside devotional and my companion Elder Flores and I gave the opening and closing prayers, and it was a little nerve wracking but it was fun. Before the fireside on Tuesday, we got to help a worker here with her English homework for a class she was taking. I thought it was funny that our Spanish after six weeks was already better than her English after three months, it just shows how dedication and the Lord make anything possible.  Earlier today we also went to the temple again, and I was glad to see it before we left. I am grateful for the opporotunity I have had to be here in the CCM, but I am excited to get down to Chile. I love you all and I hope you are doing well.


Elder Tilghman

This place is cool
Mexico Temple Visitors Center is AMAZING
Again they are the greatest Elders
Elder Flores is classy as always
The boys
The boys and the girls
The boys after the clutch fútbol win in the rain

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