Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016 - Criminal Superheroes

Well once again things were nice down here in Santiago, not much changed, the air is still full of smog, the people are always interesting, and the dogs are always barking, but I honestly love it all. This week was a great week of teaching and learning, and I am so grateful for every second that I have to serve the Lord. 

Ok lets start off with our investigators and the other people that we are teaching. This past week has been really good for teaching, we have had a ton of powerful lessons where we teach and people agree to follow up on commitments to read the Book of Mormon, go to church, or keep the commandments. Elder Jones and I had a really good lesson with Jacob yesterday, we were talking and I felt the need to readdress his problem with getting baptized, so we talked and testified and for the first time Jacob said that he feels a change in his life! It has been so awesome to work with him and see his progress. Elder Jones and I are also working with an investigator who speaks pretty good English, so we have English classes with him and his friend and share and discuss Gospel principles. It has been great to talk and show them that we are normal people, because they have some negative influences in their life telling them stuff about Mormons, so it is good they can meet us and know who we are. Overall this week has been really good and a good time of teaching and learning how to testify powerfully.

Ok so of course, we have the funny moment of the week. So on Friday Elder Jones and I were walking in the afternoon and we were called over to talk to a guy and his friend. One of the men just wanted to fight with us and yell at us and call us liars, but the other one was very interested in us, so I distracted the guy who was yelling with some questions and stories in the Bible and Elder Jones talked to his nicer friend. That was quite an experience just getting yelled at for like 30 minutes, but it was good because we got to teach a great lesson on the street. But anyway, right after we left those guys we were approached by two more men and they started to talk to us and it wsa going great. We asked what they did for jobs and one guy literally says "I rob people, but it is ok because I have a family, so what I do is justified." We continued to talk with them, and then we became friends so it was good, now I think he wont rob us! hahahahah no but it was a really funny moment because he was explaining how what he did was OK because he does it for a purpose and not just for fun hahahahhah.

I am sad though, my time with my trainer Elder Jones is coming to an end, and it will just be weird to have a new companion, especially one that I get along with as well as I do with Elder Jones, but time goes on. But I am loving the mission, I am learning more about myself every day and I am learning how to be a better person and I have found my love for other people down here in Santiago. If there is one thing that I have learned for a surety, it is not Spanish or how to cook (I can make some dang good cereal) I have learned on the mission that helping others brings the greatest happiness that can be found in life. I love you all, keep in touch and do not forget to write!


Elder Tilghman 

Alma 7 I would recommend reading, it is really powerful

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