Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October 5, 2016 - No, we most definitely are not

Hey everyone how are things going? This week down here in Santiago was awesome and was actually a really spiritual experience and I loved the growth and the Spirit that I felt down here this week. And as always, this week had the funny moments with the people as well.

Ok so this week was super awesome because we had General Conference this weekend! For those of you who do not know what that is, General Conference happens once every six months and it is an opporotunity for the prophets and the apostles and other church leaders to give talks and to address the world in their messages, and they give help and guidance in what they say. Conference was awesome not only because I was able to learn for myself, but Elder Jones and I had Jacob, one of our Haitian investigators there with us one day! I really enjoyed that he was there and able to learn more about our church and the teaching, and all the talks about the Book of Mormon made me feel amazing and made me feel a new love and joy to serve. All of our investigators in our area are progressing down here, and we are teaching some great people. Some study English, and others have really good questions that invite the Spirit into our lessons, which is something I love. I have really learned that if we want to feel the truth of what we are learning, whether it be in the Gospel or in secular learning, if we teach the principle ourselves we learn so much more than just pure studies. 

This week was also some new opporotunities for me too. On Friday all the missionaries in our zone took a missionary from the MTC (the training center) and went and taught with them for the day to show them what the mission life is like. I was paired with an Elder from northern Chile, and it was fun to get to know him and work with him, we had a great day and I got to feel like his dad for a day hahahhaa. On Monday I had divisions with my district leader Elder Anderson and I really loved that I got to know him better as we talked and worked during the day, he taught me a lot. Overall it was a great week of new experiences!

Ok so finally the funny story of the week. On Monday morning we were doing contacts with people in the morning and I was talking with this super nice lady. We had a good conversation about our families and about our lives and she actually said she wants the missionaries to come by her house and talk more. It was all super cool, and then right at the end of our meeting in the street she looked at me and the other missionaries that were in the street and she straight up looked me in the eye and asked me if we were gay. Maybe it is because I was wearing my gray and pink tie, but I do not know why she asked me that. One of the other missionaries overheard the question and after the lady walked away the missionary just started dying laughing and we both just laughed in the street for a couple minutes. So yeah, I guess you never know with the Chileans what they are going to say.

Overall I am loving the work down here and I love the people even more. I am really excited with the work we are doing, Elder Jones and I, and I have learned to love the mission more than I can imagine. I hope you are all doing good, keep in touch with how all of you are doing!


Elder Tilghman

Mateo 10: 39

El que halla su vida, la perderá, y el que pierde su vida por causa de mí, la hallará

This is literally how every flite walks around in the street, and then they always yell at us
Another museum pic, this one was really cool
Buena, this was my Elder that I worked with for a day who is from the CCM

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