Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016 - Giving Juice, Goat Boys

Wow how has it already been another week? Time goes by so fast here it scares me because I do not want to leave the mission hahahah. Anyway, this week was great, and Elder Jones and I are having a ton of progress in our sector, and I am learning new things everyday.

Ok so this last week has been pretty fun for Elder Jones and I to work with people in our sector. We have really been focusing on strengthening the young people of our sector, because we want to help them get on missions and to help them involve their friends in the gospel. One of the people we are working with is the only member in his family, so we are just making sure he has support from us and from the ward, his name is Alejandro. We went on divisiones with him all day on Monday and at the end of the night he gave me a scarf, which is awesome because a cold wave hit Santiago, so it is freezing cold now. One of our investigators is making huge progress, so I would like to fill you guys in. His name is Rudolfo and he is awesome, we met him by looking in our area book for old investigators, and we went and visited him and at first he was ni alli with us. But, we were able to teach him because he loves to learn English, so we taught him some classes and always mixed in gospel principles, and now he is actually investigating the church and reading the Book of Mormon and asking us questions! He is super sincere, and he is praying and reading to know if what he is learning about the gospel is true, so I am super excited for him, because I know he will get an answer! Overall a solid week.

So down here in Chile they have their own phrases, just like in the US we have phrases we say like "piece of cake" and I thought I would share a few Chilean phrases with you, as well as the translations.

Giving Jucie means goofing off

Goat Boy is a name you would call someone who is like the age of a highschooler

Painting monkeys is like being lazy and not doing anything

And down here in Chile they always say "po" after every thought they say, it is kind of like how in Canda people say "eh", so when Chileans watch Kung Fu Panda, it must be really confusing for them. (Lets see who gets that joke)

Things are going great down here, I am so happy and I look forward to everyday because there are always new experiences to have and things to learn everyday. I am grateful for the growth I have seen in myself so that I can become a better missionary in the hands of Heavenly Father. Love you all!


Elder Tilghman

Mosiah 24; 14 through 18

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