Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016 - These dogs are not nice

Hey everyone so this past week was a pretty normal week of work and heat, but I loved it. This week felt a little bit different because our schedule was thrown off because we had to go to the hospital because Elder Topaldas knee was bugging him, but overall it was a great week. 

The thing that really marked me this week was the power of studies coupled with the chance to always open your mouth and talk to people. This week we had the opporotunity to travel a lot for various meetings and for trips to and from the hospital, so while we were in the bus and the subway I got the opporotunity to talk with people on our way to places. It is amazing how trusting people are with the missionaries once they know that our intenciones are good and that we have a message that can really help them. Having the chance to get to talk with people about their lives and how the gospel can bless them was great this past week, and it really stood as a testimony to me that we have to be witnesses of Christ in all times, in all things and in all places because people are always looking at our examples. This week we also spent a good amount of time contacting people in the street in our sector so that we can try and find more people to teach who want to hear the message about this gospel. It was long, hard work out in the sun, but in the end we saw our fruits as we now have some new investigators! The thing that I learned this week from all of the contacting we had done is that no matter who you are or what trials you may have in your life, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always there to help you learn and grow.

The funny story this week happened yesterday as we were walking through a park. Elder Topalda and I were walking and all of a sudden one of the thousands of dogs in the street freaked out and ran after us. We stayed calm and just hoped it went away, but it was still barking at us. Finally it ran at Elder Topalda bit his pants (just the clothes not the skin) ripped a hole in them and then ran away all tranquilo. In the moment it was pretty freaky, but now looking back on it, we just laugh.

So, overall things are picking up in our sector, we have new people to teach, and our ward and the members are awesome. I love this church and everything that it has to offer us and all of the blessings it promises. My companion has a hole in his pants, we eat a ton of icecream, and the sun is hot, but other than that things are normal down in Santiago. I love you and hope you all have a good week, take care!


Elder Tilghman

Mormon 7

Our house Christmas Tree, and of course the AYSO soccer jersey
We did divisions with the CCM again, and this is Elder Hansen
Mom I always told you one day I would put my shoes on the counter, well I did it and took a picture, but then your voiced echoed in my head, so I went and put them back in my closet

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