Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016 - Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Buena mis cabrooooooos! This week was actually a really weird week for us, there was a ton of unexpected things that happen, but it all turned out good in the end. 

Ok so this week was a little rough with our investigators. Our investigator who was going to get baptized (Rodolfo) told us he did not feel prepared and ready, and he got cold feet an hour before his baptism. We had a talk with him and talk through his situation and then said a prayer to find out if he should get baptized or not, and afterwards he told us that he did not feel ready, but that he still wants to get baptized, but that he just has to do some more to prepare himself, so we pushed his date back three weeks. Right now we also have about 8 Haitian investigators who all have interest in the church, and they are all super awesome and want to learn more. But they are sometimes hard to find because their phones will not work, or they are stuck at work for a longer amount of time than normal. So this past week, we did not get to meet with any of them because of their weird schedules, but they all still have desires to serve and follow Christ and are still coming to the church. All in all things are still good and things are still progressing, it just hurts when you love people so much and want the best for them, but it does not happen, but we just have to keep working. Overall this past week was a testimony builder to me that we as missionaries have to be prepared for any situation and we have to accept Gods will in our lives too. 

So the interesting thing of the week was that Elder Topalda had some pain in his knee and we had to go to the mission doctor last Thursday to get it looked at. The doctor sat him down and for almost three hours just massaged his knee. But this is not the nice kind of massage, this massage was rubbing an elbow super hard and fast on Elder Topaldas knee, I felt so bad because he was in a ton of pain, but afterwards, he was all good. Now I just know if I ever have pain in my knee I do not want to go the mission doctor hahahaha.

But as always, I am loving the mission, I honestly do not know what Disney is thinking when they say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, because they are wrong, the happiest place on Earth is Santiago, Chile. I hope you all are doing good, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Elder Tilghman

Lucas 2

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