Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017 - The Rains came down and the water got shut off

So just like my email title says this week, we had some heavy rain in the mountains this past weekend, and because of that, the entire city of Santiago for 2 days! We were ok because we had stored water in the house so that we could drink and wash the dishes, but we had no water to be able to shower with, so that was a fun adventure for a couple of days this week. We got water back yesterday, so we are all good now, we just ran out of gas, so we have to shower with cold water, but hey you win some you lose some am I right?

So this last week was great, a ton of weird stuff happened to Elder Gowers and I, but it is all good, nothing happened to us, but I have a ton of stories to tell.

But first as always lets talk about the work and the people, the two important things. So this past week we have still been working to find new people to teach, and it has been awesome to knock on peoples doors and have them be ready to accept the gospel and be ready to change. For example we contacted a house and a lady answered the door and was imediately super friendly with us and wanted to talk to us. She had listened to the Elderes about a year ago, so we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation and help her with her family issues in her life, it is amazing to feel and be a part of the Gospel experience. This week we also found a new less active family with an investigator daughter as we were contacting as well. We went and taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we invited the daughter to mutual last night and she came! So overall this has been another great week of inviting people to change their lives for the better and to come unto Christ. 

So this week was interesting for Elder Gowers and I. This week is the changes in the mission, but Elder Gowers and I will be together for another change, so that means another six weeks for sure here in Condell. And our funny story of the week happened on Saturday. We were in the street and we stopped to talk to a man in a bus stop, he was just wasted, but he wanted to talk to us about the Mormons and would not let us leave, he would just get mad, so we stopped and appeased him for a few minutes. As we were talking to him his friend walked by and said that we spoke lies and we were possessed by devils. Later that afternoon we found that same friend in the street again and we said hola and asked him how he was and he continued walking, leaned over close to me ear and just started gnashing his teeth and barking, and then he left, so that was the fun drunk guy story of the week!

On Saturday we went to a less actives house, and our neighbor Juan Carlos and uprooted some trees for him, and the whole zone came to help us take the trees out, so that was awesome, and tonight we are going with our district to help a member build his business so that he can start working again.

Overall as always I love the mission and I love what I am doing, no matter the things that happen to us in our lives, the one thing that will never change is the Love that Christ has for each and every one of us! I love you and hope you are all taking care!


Elder Tilghman

Doctrina y Convenios 76

Elder Anderson, the best ZL ever
Taking out the trees
Noche de hogar with the Aps and Alfaro and Neddo
Elder Magadan left this change

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