Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017 - Dude the Dog

This week was great, the progress we are seeing in our sector is amazing and the things we have been able to accomplish with the help of the Lord are unreal. This week was also really great because a ton of unexpected things happened, so that shook up our routine for Elder Gowers and I in terms of what we did a little bit. 

Ok so as with always, lets start with the people. So a new thing that our mission has implemented is that every ward has a list of all the members in their ward, whether they be active or not. We have been asked by our President to go and visit all of these people and share a message with them from our bishop with an emphasis to get these peeople to come back to the church, and try and find new investigators from these sources of less actives. So it has been awesome, we have found a ton of people who are members but do not go to the church and we have been able to teach them and their families, all while having the Spirit present so that it touches their heart. But, that being said there are always the people who for some reason hate us missionaries and who do not want to talk to us. Yesterday we were going through thelist finding these people and we knocked on the door, a man opened it and was smiling, saw us, frowned and without saying a word closed the door shut. So that was funny. I guess my name is just too hard to pronounce, so he just figured he would save time by slamming the door shut hahahha. But these people are great, and I love working and serving with them, it makes my life exciting.

Ok so funny moment of the week. ON Saturday Elder Gowers and I went to the city center to go and do some paperwork for the mission so that I can be legal here in Chile. On our way back we got off the bus and started walking back towards our sector. but on the way back Dude (who is basically the mission pet dog) found us and followed us around all day in the sun, he would not leave us alone. Usually this dog just stays by the misson office, but it decided to spend the day with Elder Gowers and I, the problem is that all of the other dogs hate this dog. So as we were walking around during the day, hordes of dogs would come up to us and Dude barking their heads off and trying to pick fights, so we could not really do many contacts in the street because we were more worried about our heads getting taken off by the dirty street dogs. So, that was a fun Saturday, definitely something I never thought I would be doing in my mission, avoiding dogs who want to pick a fight with our friend. Eventually we called the office in the night and they came and took Dude back closer to the office, so that was our experience for the day. 

As always I am loving the mission and the things that I am doing here, I would not rather be doing anything else with my time. I am excited to see how we can complete the Lords work and keep teaching his children about Repentance and salvation. I love you all and I hope you have a good week! 


Elder Tilghman

John 14

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