Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8, 2017 - "Do you speak English?"

Hey guys what is up how are things going, how is everyone? Things are hot and what not here in Santiago, but as usual it is life like normal with the crazy people, dogs and food. This last week there were not many new things that happened in terms of our sector, we are still finding and teaching people and trying to get them to come to church, but the things we do in our house with the other Elders with live with changed a lot, for the better.

Ok as usual lets start with the people. So this week was awesome with our investigators, we really focused on getting people to come to church because everyone down here in our mission has this really big fear about the Mormons. They all think we work for the CIA so they do not want to come to church, I know it is weird. But we have really been trying to get people to come to church so they can continue to progress, and this week was the best week I have had on my mission with investigators at church, I believe we had 7, so it was pretty awesome I was happy! Elder Gowers and I have started using a list we got from the mission with all of the members in our ward on it, active or not, to start finding new people to teach and see if we can teach them. It has led to some great visits with people and some lessons taught to people ready to hear the gospel. As well we have contacted some great people in the street this week, people who are pastors of other churches, some more Haitians and the occasional drunk guy, so that awesome led to some friendly and funny encounters. Elder Gowers and I are seeing a ton of potential in our sector and we are excited to see where we can go from here, it all depends on us working hard and keeping our minds set and fixed on our goals. 

This week was also nice because I got a couple of phone calls from old investigators in my last ward in Parque Combarbala asking about how I was and how they are continuing to recieve the missionaries and they are continuing to progress, so it was awesome they are doing great. 

Ok so funny story of the week, on Monday we were doing some contacting on a busy street, we were literally stopping everyone and shaking their hands and just started to talk to them, it would stink to do it in English, but in Spanish it is super easy hahahah. I started to talk to this one guys and I asked him how he was, where he was going all of that stuff and then he looked at me and asked if I spoke English. I pointed to my last name and asked him if "Tilghman" sounded like a Spanish name, and then he told me it was the whitest name he had ever seen, so that was pretty funny we both started laughing at that. We started to talk and I was able to teach him a little bit in English about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he then invited us back to teach him later this week, in English, so I am pretty excited.

Things are going great, we played some tennis for PDay today and I got burned so that is the only bad thing that is happening right now hahahaha. I love the mission, the people, the work and I love you guys. Do not forget to write, and my email is weird so sometimes I do not get the emails you send me, do not get offended, it is just super weird, so I do not know what to tell you hahahah. Say your prayers, see you next week!


Elder Tilghman

James 2:17 and 18

My man Sael, broke his feet but he can still read the Book of Mormon
My other main man, Marcelo
We painted a ladies house
Manchester United is obviously the better team (sorry Gowers)
Elder Lesuer, new guy in the houseIMG_0328.JPG
Some buildings from Santiago

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