Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017 - Rogue One

Alright so as the title explains, yes this week for P Day we got permission to watch the new Star Wars movie, so that is what we did for a zone activity, and needless to say it was amazing. If any of you know me, I loved the movie. Ok so back to the important things about the mission and the things that matter about the salvation of people.

For the investigators, things are looking up for Elder Gowers and I. We have a Haitian investigator called Nevel that has a baptimal date in two weeks, and he is a complete stud. He loves the Gospel and learning more, he wants to read a ton of the Book of Mormon before he gets baptized, so we gave him a copy in Creole to read. We also have a ton of investigators who speak English. I do not know how but it seems like every person that we talk to about the Gospel always speaks English and asks if we can teach them about Christ, but in English. For example, the other night Elder Gowers and I dropped some youth off at their house in the night and thier neighbors were standing in the door. And what did they do? They started to talk to us in English, it turns out they have family who lives in Florida and they want to practice their grammar more. We went by and taught them the first time the Plan of Salvation, which was a little different because I am so used to teaching in Spanish, but it was awesome, the kids are really receptive and we hope to get them to come to church. There is also a lady we are teaching named Connie. She is study in highschool, but she had met some Elders before in the past, so she asked us to come by again. We have been teaching and testifying about the power of the Book of Mormon, and she has started to read! So as far as things go, they are looking up.

So the funny story of the week. Because of all of the Haitians that Elder Gowers and I know and have been teaching, we have been starting to pick up a little bit of French. But, the Chilean people have also been starting to pick up some French as well. Everyday we walk by some kids doing some drugs, and the other day they asked us "como ca va" which means how are you doing in French. They thought we would not know French, but we did, so we turned around and started to talk to them in French, and they did not understand a word we said, and then they started laughing and said we were cool, so that was our funny story of the day.

Overall and as usual I am loving the mission, it is the best decision of my life. Even though it may be hard, it is the best place to find yourself and your Creator, all while helping His kids at the same time, no other better thing to do. I love you all and hope you have a good week!


Elder Tilghman

Lucas 3

Zone Service in the ghetto like normal!
Noche de Hogar
Elder Gowers

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