Saturday, June 3, 2017

May 31, 2017 - Yeah, I speak Portugese

Hey everyone this week has been a great week! Elder Gates and I are loving the area and the work and we are finally being able to see the fruits of our labors in the Lords vineyard. I am really excited to tell you all about it. 

Ok so as always we have to talk about the people. These past few weeks Elder Gates and I have been working with an investgator from Haiti named Nevel. We have been focusing on baptism and the blessings that come from being baptised and following God because he is having a hard time adjusting to life here in Chile. We had a great lesson with him last night about Gods love for us and how he blesses us everyday in our lives with little things, and Nevel said he felt the Spirit and that he wants to be baptized! We are pumped and are so happy for him because we know just how much his life will be blessed. This week as well we have been able to find some great new people to teach as well. We were going back to visit some future investgators and we ended up teaching two lessons to two Haitians, both of which speak perfect English. They loved what we taught and we are going back to speak with them some more, and they committed to come to church. This past week we also had some deep discussion with a Buddhist. I had never really talked to anyone of that faith, but then we found Tomas on Sunday. He is passing through some hard times and we sat down and talked with him about God and his own beliefs. It was a powerful lesson and we testified and bore witness of the power of Jesus Christ and the power of prayer, at the end of the lesson we all felt at peace, so we are also excited to see where things will take us. 

We have been having English classes here in the church every Saturday night for a while, but we have had trouble getting people to come, so last Thursday we went out to the street market that runs right in front of the house and started handing out cards to people inviting them all to English class. We had some really funny discussions. This guy started coming up to us and yelling at us in English, and he must have thought he was saying bad words but he was yelling words like "pancakes" and "bicycle" at us, and then he did not even come to English class. I guess he will just be walking around saying random English words for a while. 

Ok so other funny story of the week. We were in the street last night on our way home to the house and a lady approached us. She had some alcohol in her hand, so we knew right away it was going to be an interesting conversation. She asked us to give her a blanket because we were cold but we told her we did not have any blankets and she got mad at us. She then started to say some stuff in Portuguese because she thought we did not understand, but with the little Portuguese I have picked up, I then asked her a question, and she looked at us in awe. She then told us she did not need a blanket and then walked away, after asking us for money. ¿Voce fala Portugues?

I am loving the mission and I hope that all of you are doing awesome! I pray for you and wish you all the best!


Elder Tilghman

Ecclesiastes 12:13

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