Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 9, 2017 - Thailand

Hello thank you all for tuning in this week to Elder Tilghmans mission emails. Ok so this week was good, bueno all of the weeks are good, but overall I felt this week Elder Alldredge and I were giving it our all in all that we were doing. It was funny, I talked about how last week was really good for us, this past week was a little bit rougher, I think the Lord was trying to teach me a humility lesson and let me tell you it definitely worked. But de verdad overall I really enjoyed the work this week. 

Ok so lets get into the people. So we have been teaching a young Haitian married couple named Gilbert and Sterling, and they are doing great, Sterling got sick this last week and went to the hospital for a checkup, and the whole time they called us letting us know the play by play. We are praying and fasting that they will feel the Spirit and be baptized! On Monday we had a miracle here in our sector. So we were out in the morning touching doors and going to visit some less active members we had never met before we we suddenly arrived at one house and talked to the wife of the family out front. We went by later that night to talk to the whole family and we had a great discussion about the church. The father and grandfather were old members and remembered the great times that they had and we invited them to pray and read teh scriptures to see if theis was the truth and the gospel and what they should do to come back. They accepted our invitacion and are trying to come back to the church, we are very excited for them. It was a powerful and very blessed conversation, once again I am grateful to have these kind of opporotuniteis here on the mission. Overall very pleased and happy with what is going on!

Ok so this last Monday was really cool. So usually for lunch here in our ward we go to a members house and eat chicken and rice and sometimes beans, but Monday was a change. We went to this members house and he had prepared for us a Thai lunch. We ate some noodles with chicken and shrimp and a peanut sauce, I think it was the fanciest meal I have ever eaten on my mission. My definition of fancy used to be a hamburger with ketchup, but Brother Salazar, the member, stepped up the game. Thai food was great. 

Ok so also funny story of the week. Last night we were on our bikes and we were going down a dark road. I could see up in the distance a couple a crazy dogs who were chasing people, so I mentally prepared myself for the fight of my life. But, we got there and the dogs were not there. We passed the corner and we saw them sitting down all calm next to a super old guy in the street. As we passed the old guy he looked at us yelled, and yelled at the dogs "ataquenlos" which means attack them. Needless to say I have never biked so fast in my entire life to get out of there. 

Anyway good week and it has been awesome here in the mission. Love the people, hate the dogs, all good.


Elder Tilghman

Moroni 8


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