Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July 26, 2017 - Need for Speed

Hey everyone I hope you all had a good week, my week was great. Life is going as normal, and Elder Alldredge and I are having some reall success in our sector, which as always makes us happy to see that all of our efforts are paying off! From a baptism to some really cool new people, the work has been progressing in San Bernardo.

Ok so first things first with the gente. On Saturday Ernesto got baptized! It was a really awesome day and we were very happy for him and his decision to join the church. All saturday morning we went and cleaned the chapel and filled up the font to get ready, and then we had the baptismal service in the afternoon. It was crazy to see family from all different parts of Santiago show up and support Ernesto in his decision. I was asked to play the piano to start the ceremony, so yes Kaci and Conner, keep practicing because you will never know when someone needs you to play. During the baptism we had a great turnout from the ward members who came and supported, I think there were in total about 100 people there! And then on Sunday Ernesto was confirmed a member during sacrament meeting.

We have also had some good experiences this week in finding a ton of new people to teach. One of our Haitian investigators we have been teaching presented us the family of his friend to teach, and we got to teach the whole family about how we can have family relationships forever, it was awesome! Our goal now is to fix some dates for baptism with people so that they, like Ernesto can enter into Heavenly Fathers kingdom. I love being busy and having a ton to do!

Ok so cool story of the week. So we ride around on bikes which is really fun because we can get around the sector really fast if we need to. Anyway, we were going down a hill in our sector, and right by us sped a bus. It was really close to us, I thought we were goners for sure, but we survived. I enjoyed it though, it was like the kind of rush you get on a rollercoaster, so even though we almost died, it is all good. 

Overall I am loving the mission. Today we went to the temple for our free day and afterwards we went and ate at Carls Jr, the only one in Chile. I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord and helping HIm progress his work. Love you all, I hope you have a great week!


Elder Tilghman

Pslams 23

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